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Aug 16

With kids back in school, parents are going to take full advantage of decluttering and cleaning up post-summer. This includes many areas around the house, but the playroom and toy situation = top of the list! If you’re a parent looking for some playroom organization inspo, take a peek at this one!


A couple months ago this mom reached out because her playroom needed major help. Her children have a large age gap, so there’s toys for the little guy and gaming items for her older son. The closet was underutilized and she was interested in removing the closet doors to allow for even more access to toys. Since the doors were coming off, you guys know I begin to consider the aesthetic and storage. It needs to look nice because it’s going to be visible, but it still needs to actually function well for a young child to find what he wants AND easily clean up. (Dreams right?!)

The kids are into playing with nerf guns as well, but she wanted to move this pegboard organization system to a larger wall. Their collection continues to grow…

She was hoping to relocate them here…

And she wanted nothing stored in this cubby system anymore. This is where her younger son’s toys were previously stored and had always been a cluttered mess. She was looking forward to removing it completely for something smaller to hold only the gaming accessories…

Essentially, she wanted to clear the floor as much as possible so that they only thing in the middle of the room were beanbag chairs or a small loveseat, which she was planning to buy soon. And before I arrived they worked on decluttering his toys too…many items he had outgrown or lost interest in.


Clearly, it made a whole lot of sense to add shelves in the closet and use that space for the toys. Since the doors were coming off, I tried designing with solid shelves. I’ve mentioned this before, but the Elfa solid shelves can’t be cut like their metal shelving. Turns out this closet was the perfect width for solid shelving so it looked so pretty and built in! Have a look at it now!…

( coiled rope baskets | plastic bins )


I started installing from the bottom so that we could repurpose the cubbies that were previously stacked in the closet. I set them side by side on the floor and added shelves above. On the note of repurposing, she had a fair amount of these baskets and containers already, which was awesome! I added 16″ depth shelves to make great use of the closet depth and categorized his toys for ease of finding. He is VERY into dinosaurs, cars and action figures.

( elfa shelving )

Ready to see this install in action? Have a look here!…

I’ve linked the shelving and containers in the post in you are interested in achieving this look too!

Anyone else getting ready to declutter every corner of your home with kids back in school? Hoping back to school is going well for you guys. Back soon with more!



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  1. jennibell says:

    It is GREAT seeing how you organize all these toys!!! They were always so hard for me to keep under control when my kiddos were younger. I can’t wait until the last moves out this week and will spend 1-2 days working on my house for sure 🙂

    • Samantha says:

      Hi! Thank you! It was fun completing this closet for her – looks awesome!

      You have a final kiddos moving out this week??? I’d need medication! Hope you’re hanging in there!


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