Simply Done: Organized Under Stairs Closet + Wallpaper

Aug 15

You guys know I am ALL ABOUT transforming complicated spaces. Nothing satisfies more than taking a blank, under-utilized canvas and reviving it to one with purpose!

Mom contacted me about their large under stairs closet that was in need of storage and organization. Unlike most under stairs closets I design and install, you can completely walk into the main section of this closet, without the need to duck down. It only has a ceiling slope after turning left once you step all the way back into the space.


Photos speak better than words! So, here’s the before…

You can see in the far end to the left is where the ceiling begins to pitch down. They didn’t want anything major added to that awkward wall because it’s where they store the bulk of their smart home equipment.


She stores a wide range of items in here but it’s doable because she does have a fair amount of space. I envisioned drawers on the far end because she was planning to keep her gift wrapping supply in here. Contents were gift wrap, gifts, cleaning products, overflow bulk foods, some kitchen appliances, paper products and party supplies and a few other misc items.

After understanding her contents, I came up with a design that incorporated solid shelves and a set of drawers. What I didn’t expect when we came to install was that she had plans to wallpaper the space. Check this out!

So cute, right?! I love it!!

She went with a peel and stick wallpaper. I couldn’t locate her exact pattern but you can find tons of options on Amazon, The Home Depot, Wayfair and more. This one from Wayfair is pretty!

With the storage installed, I spent a few hours roaming her garage and laundry room to pull items that would work well in here…

This is an Elfa system from from The Container Store, in case you were wondering about the shelves. I love the solid shelving and it fit perfectly without taking away space. The solid shelves come in fixed lengths that can’t be cut, so we designed it to see if they would fit and they were literally perfect to the last inch. Love when it works out that way!

Many more under stairs closet projects to share…This one turned out beautifully and hope you liked seeing it!

Back soon with more guys!



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