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Aug 6

Guys, we have a lot of catching up to do. Where do I begin with the portfolio and what to share first? The first half of 2022 has been another record-breaker for this small business. Proud and excited to watch its continued impact and growth.

Had to kick off my return to the blog with this home unpacking project. In this post I’ll share just the kitchen and pantry because we very involved in the entire move. There’s many more spaces in this home to share, including their custom closets.

We helped this family of five declutter their previous home before packing, helped them load the storage pod and then met them on the other end to unpack every single space. The interior is cozy and modest in size…they chose to focus the real square footage on the outdoor spaces by adding a pool, full size sport court and expansive vineyards. They are an outdoor family who loves being together at home and entertaining lots of friends and family. Organizing their kitchen and pantry was top priority so they could settle in and cook together.

Behind this pocket door is a step-in pantry…

Although there’s a door, in general a family will not close it. So she wanted this pantry organized and functional for everyone, but also beautiful. Several years ago I organized the pantry in their previous home. The containment from that pantry had a completely different look and wasn’t going to work with this kitchen design. We were able to repurpose much of that containment in other rooms however, which was awesome.


With the fixed shelves, my challenge was finding something to make use of all that space between but yet keep it useable for kids and a real family. She doesn’t bulk shop (thankfully!) so this pantry size works well for them…but we still have to feed 5 people several times a day…and a couple dogs too!


Sustainable, neutral colored bins that come in many sizes. And you can stack them!

Told you, it’s a modest sized pantry. I am squished all the way back to snap these photos AND I had to zoom out with my lens to capture as much as I could.

( bins | acrylic labels )

The acrylic labels were added just to the spaces below and above. I did this to keep the very specific categories defined and so they know what is on that tip-top shelf…but the mid-section didn’t need labels because you can see the contents and these contents will change every few weeks with their seasonal changes; school, sports, etc. It also looked terrible having a label on every single bin. Just label when necessary and in a way that works for you and your family.


The kitchen drawers received the same sustainable treatment…


( drawer organizers )

Products are linked throughout if you found something you’d like to incorporate into your home. The wood pantry bins are VERY lightweight and soft. No need to worry about scratched surfaces with kids.

So happy to be back here on the blog and look forward to sharing more from this home and many others. Happy August you guys!



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