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Aug 4

Hiiiiiiiiii! Well, summer of 2022 flew by. I thought I’d have all this free time to blog and yet I haven’t even posted once since BEFORE the school year ended. And here we go getting ready to start a new school year NEXT WEEK?! Where did the time go?? Actually, I do know where the time went. But it went too quickly.


We had an awesome, very full summer – baseball games, swim team, football practice, vacations, concerts, home projects, client projects, birthdays…it was truly a special one. I’ll share more about our summer happenings but two highlights for us were a week in Mexico…

And celebrating Graham’s 16th birthday at Dodger Stadium…

My sweet little baby boy…what the heck?!

He’s 16! Truly can not gush enough about his sweet personality, demeanor, character, values, dedication, passion and hard work ethic…big heart, generosity, sense of humor and wit…so much more. This son is one of a kind and grateful he’s mine!

Anyway, lots to share … soon!


Today I’m sharing small updates to my home office. This has become one of my favorite places to hang out and look forward to expanding the work space into the dining room. You can see the dining room directly across from the office. Between the two spaces is a large open entry. With our growing team (I have 7 employees now), I am finding the need for a work space to hold meetings, source or design together, keep some inventory…but also keep it functioning as a space the kids can do homework or to entertain my family for the holidays / friends throughout the year. I’m working through ideas for the dining room now, but until then wanted to round out my office.

Here’s where I left you in May…

And here it is now…

( rug | throw pillows | basket | desk )

I discovered the area rug at Walmart…yes, Walmart! I was looking for something comfortable but not too much padding and something a little different. Possibly with texture. I love how the braided detail adds dimension and the color brightens the room…


This basket wasn’t even $20 and it’s oversized – the detail is so pretty! I’ll be able to transition it around the house…and may buy a couple more because many of our old baskets are beginning to show wear.

The double doors were unnecessary so I removed them in order to see my shelves and add a mirror for the short term.


And now!…

So much better! Don’t worry, I kept the doors for later and will be removing the door frame hardware soon. But I love seeing the shelves. I never close these doors…don’t really have a reason to.



( mirror )

I LOOOOVVVEEEE this mirror! For now it’s sitting here to bring in a little more light. I have yet to locate a light for this space. But I may transition the mirror to the entry or into the new work space / dining room. A mirror is a nice thing to have for a quick glimpse before walking out the door.

This mirror is thick, heavy and the perfect over-sized height. I love it!! Mean it.

When I shared this image on Instagram, 100s of dm’s….”where did you get the shelf?!”…it’s from Ikea and it’s the same shelf I purchased back in 2017, peeps!…

( shelf )

It’s currently sold out in my local stores…can’t even order it for shipping. I was hoping to purchase several of these for the dining room work space…no such luck. So I’ve been scouring the Ikea site and other budget-friendly sites for something timeless, classic and functional. I’ll keep you updated!

Finally…you know my love of the pumpkin clove candle at Anthro each Fall. It’s back! And I already purchased a couple. I’ve enjoyed burning this candle, regardless of the fact it’s still very much summer weather. August is one of my favorite months! You can see the small size here on my desk but they also sell a medium size and a LARGE size!…

It’s the little things!

Back soon with summer updates and project highlights! Hope you’ve been well and staying healthy! So much Covid this summer!



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