Some New House Updates and More!

May 22

Hey guys! My first blog post from the new office! To celebrate, I’m sharing a small post move-in update. Check this out…

Friends who have been here a while will recognize this furniture. It’s the same pieces from my previous office (here) and my heart is SO happy working in this space. The natural light and positive energy flows. Great things are already happening and look forward to even more as this next chapter unfolds…

Over the years when I’ve shared my home office people ask about the desk. I purchased mine from Wayfair way back then but it sold out or was discontinued. This time around as I began to share it again, I found the exact desk on Home Depot’s site. So if you love it too you can find it here.

I’ll be back to share a better look at the overall office. Still some fine-tuning to work out (a light to begin with – lol!), but here’s a few more peeks and links…

( chair | desk | desktop whiteboardstorage boxes )

( drawer organizers )

Working on updated prints for frames and already finished labeling everything. You’ll see how I labeled soon…

My painter did an incredible job and can’t thank him enough. Here’s where we started…

A nice bright fresh backdrop. Look forward to spending a lot of time in here taking this business to new heights.

The real before…

Our bedrooms were painted as well. I painted the primary room White Dove and the kid’s rooms Classic Gray.

My bed is still being ironed out – had a small issue with the frame. I’ll share soon, but this is my current view from bed. Talk about motivation in your face…

Actually, seeing this bike in the morning is a love / hate. But mostly love – lol! I do feel better after a ride.

About a month ago I shared the sectional I was admiring at the RH Outlet…

I was debating between this one with the clean lines and their messier looking Cloud sectional. The only items we needed were a sectional and a kitchen table. During the final days before moving in officially, I spent hours searching on FB Marketplace and Craig’s list, but ultimately ended up back at the outlets and purchased the couch we loved and a great kitchen table from the PB outlet. I’ll share better shots soon but here’s a few from social over the last couple weeks…

This is a RARE view of me actually sitting down and in the corner part of the sectional…my kids own this spot and typically I’m standing in the kitchen. LOL!…

The kids love this couch and LOVE the house! They are very very happy!

This is the table and chairs we chose. I promise, more photos soon! Still need chair cushions, area rugs, counter stools, etc. All in time. For now, we’re doing just fine and totally comfortable!…

( table | chairs )

I scored on the PB Outlet run for the table. The week I ran through happened to be 50% off the marked down price. I love LOVE the table but the chairs have a wood finish that snags your clothing. Adding cushions will help your bottom, but not your back if leaning against the chair, which we naturally do. I’ll keep these for a while and maybe update later with something smoother or upholstered.

Have actually been enjoying the process of searching online for second hand items. I originally started searching that way because there’s still long lead times on furniture orders…but there’s some incredible deals going on as people are selling or relocating. And a few friends have been offering cute items…like this oversized beanbag my kids are loving in the bonus room…

This was fun squeezing in the back seat – ha! It’s a Lovesac, super soft and my 17 year old essentially lives on it.

On our first official weekend we did a little dog-sitting too. Look at this cutie!…

Her feet barely hit the floor – she was so tired from all the love, carrying and cuddles.

On a personal front, all is well. SO much to be grateful for – friends, family, love…healthy kids…a thriving business and more.

Working out and eating healthy is still a priority – for the mental health and general well-being. My middle guy is one of my best workout buddies. I have 3 best friends for life and can’t ask for anything more! Speaking of, part of my Mother’s Day / birthday gifts was a Warriors game…

Look at these 3?! I’m in love…and so proud of them. Such great kids. They melt me.

**Sooooo, I NEVER receive negative comments on social or the blog (mean that! never!) BUT….to the person who left 2 terrible comments (that I did not approve for publishing here because this is a happy place, so don’t bother going back to try to find them…and I know it’s the same person. Not TWO people. And you’re the same person who did it a couple years ago)…we’re all good. Thank you! And hope YOU are too! I’ve been praying for you and wish you nothing but the best! Truly, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Not from a place of sarcasm or to be mean-spirited in response. Everything you wrote couldn’t be more opposite of our life. And the fact you are hiding behind fake names and emails proves it’s something personal, I know you somehow and you’re envious or something. Not sure why…whoever you are, you have all the opportunity in the World to live and be happy, just like us / me. I don’t know, but I do wish you can find a better way to channel your energy into something positive. Especially because there’s people, animals and issues in the World that need energy and attention. Don’t waste it posting from fake accounts here on an organizing blog. Go do something great!

Anyway, there’s much to update and share. My birthday was this weekend and I’m recovering from the amount of friends and love…and lack of sleep. My anxiety was at an all-time high because I’m used to working through a weekend in order to stay on top of projects, brand partnerships, etc for the week ahead…but as I sit here this afternoon – my first time without people around me since Friday morning – my heart is full of gratitude and memories. And I’m proud of myself for letting go and letting my sister / friends plan special events that pulled me out of the house and away from the desk.

Sneak peek … more to come!…

One of my favorite gifts…

Hope you guys are having a great weekend! Off to finish organizing our Sunday Fridge!




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  1. Keli says:

    Love your new space – the office looks amazing! 😁

  2. Tiffany says:

    Happy birthday and I’m excited to see the progress as you get settled in. It’s looking great so far!

  3. Always good to hear from you here!! The new office looks amazing — light and bright and a clean slate 🙂
    Happy Birthday — it’s always nice to have people to celebrate with!

    • Samantha says:

      Thank you – always GREAT to be here! Love the office too – thank you so much! It’s bright and the energy is so positive in here. Very happy working in this space!

      Thank you for the birthday wishes – it was an awesome birthday with LOTS of friends and family around. Just what I needed!


  4. Kelsey T. says:

    Hi Sam!! You new home is looking fabulous and so are you! You have the most amazing energy, and I am grateful you are able to share it with all of us, thank you! Happy Birthday sweet soul 🙂 You deserve the world and then some. Cheers! Hugs – Kels

    • Samantha says:

      Hi!! Great to see you and thank you! Your message is SO SWEET…you deserve the World too!

      House is slowly coming together…we are enjoying it and having fun in the process. 🙂


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