Event Recap: SO Home + KM Home

Sep 28

Our community is full of talented small business owners. Event planners, cheese board creators, balloon artists, cute little flower shops, boutiques…list goes on. I’m noticing a lot of small businesses popping up and it’s great to see. Especially in our current market. Through my work in the community and attending events, I’ve enjoyed meeting these business owners and learning more about their specialty.

Community over competition! Always.

Kriste Michelini is a highly talented interior designer and a woman I have long admired. Working in homes, we see a lot…and have definitely seen and drooled over her incredible work. You will too – take a look at her website here.

She’s ultra talented and such a sweetheart!…

Not long ago she opened a shop and it’s gorgeous! You can shop with her online here, but if you are local, walking into her store and NOT leaving with something is very hard.

These are a couple photos I snapped while there last week. The sun was streaming in perfectly and all those beautiful containers / trays were calling my name!…

She also has wonderful little host gifts. Last holiday season I purchased the cute napkin sets for hostess gifts…very classy and something useful. I’m all about gifting “useful”…but did you expect different from me??!! No cluttery gifts from me! Make sure you invite me to your next party 😉

Kriste and her generous team invited me into the shop last week to speak. Our businesses compliment each other in many ways. But one thing for sure we align on is that it’s about investing in timeless and classic. Not trends. If I ever recommend a product it needs to be long-lasting, transitional and sustainable…well beyond the space we are using it in at the moment. Even if I’m designing a closet or garage, anything custom, it needs to stand the test of time and be something we can edit down the road as your life changes. Kriste’s style is timeless and classic.

It was so much fun joining her and a small intimate gathering of women last week!

Not your typical Sam – no tools or black leggings here. I mean, I had to laugh though….the screwdriver on the desk behind me?! Accurate!…

( skirt | heels )

I spoke first – it was a casual q+a type discussion. Then Kriste did an amazing tablescape for Fall…

We had light snacks and drinks and then of course some shopping!

As I was standing there post-speech, wine in hand, I noticed this amazing basket holding the area rugs…

Do you see it in the distance? Of course, Sam LOVES seeing all the bowls and decor and candles and textiles…but what does she actually want to buy? A basket. But, I knew it wasn’t just any basket. It was unique and special.

I asked Kriste if it was for sale and IT WAS! She told me the story. It’s an antique, one of a kind and she found it in Texas a while ago. I fell in love with the details and how large it was, but also how it was see-through making it appear less bulky and large.

So, naturally….

I knew exactly where I wanted to put it. The family room throw blankets were overflowing their little basket…

I’ve owned that basket for years (used to contain toilet paper in previous homes) and just set it here for the time being. Still not sure what I have planned for either side of the fireplace, but for now that basket was fine. Not great, but fine.

But seeing THIS basket?! I knew it would be the perfect upgrade…

Beautiful!!! Fills in the corner much better and something we’ll own forever. It can be used in other spaces in other homes…because, much as we are enjoying the house, we won’t be living in this home forever…

I was surprised and EXCITED when my hairdresser told me she was coming to the event. I ADORE this woman!!! Elizabeth, on the right…and Lauren, one of the salon’s stylists, on the left. Love these two!…

It was a wonderful night! Great to get out and socialize. You guys know any public speaking is a stretch for me. But I was happy to be here and enjoyed the time. As well as getting to know Kriste better and her entire team is seriously the best! Thank you, Kriste!

More projects and little updates to share – back soon with more!



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