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Oct 11

I’ll be honest. I straddle a fine line between America’s issue with buying / spending / the excess (there’s a book in me one day)…and when it’s appropriate for me to encourage anyone to consider buying or investing in something. I see the excess every week in the homes we work in. So for me to share an Amazon sale, it has to be worth it. You guys know, I generally recommend timeless items AND when something of value is on sale. Whether it’s clothing or bedding or everyday lifestyle stuff or Elfa, count on me to be honest.

A couple weeks ago when I heard about the upcoming Amazon sale, I figured it would include lots of random items, junk, things I know don’t work well because we see and hear about them in our work. But I have been really surprised and happy to see some of the everyday basics we all need are also included in the sale. So while that “why do you need that??” nugget ice maker is still trending – and also included in the sale – there are things worth taking a look at. I created a list on my Amazon Storefront where you can find the sale items I think are worth it…and all items I purchase and love.

(I almost considered starting a blog post about what NOT to purchase…I see a lot of influencers recommending products I can not stand behind. For example, flocked hangers. Just don’t do it. Not until someone creates the perfect hanger…which seems a ways off.)

The sale is on today and tomorrow, October 11 and 12. I will continue adding items to my list!

In the meantime, here’s what I think is worth taking a look at. It’s a great sale for stocking up on household essentials and some holiday gifts…


I love this sleep mask and the lip sleeping mask. I keep the lip mask in my bedside table. Both are currently 30% off.



( sleep mask | lip mask )


( razors )

This is the only razor I will ever use! Any other razor doesn’t work well for me. When I’ve diverted, I regret it and always come back. I lasered the hair off my legs several years ago, although I do have occasional baby hairs. With the small amount of fine hair, I don’t find the need for shaving cream…but still need a barrier between the razor and my skin. My favorite is the Olay coconut, but this is a great package of 6. Razors are expensive! This is 30% off.


( CeraVe )

This is an AMAZING deal! Comes as a set of 3 for 21% off.

My dermatologist urged me to use the night lotion and I am in love with it! I use it every night after whatever else I put on my skin. It’s the last step in my nighttime skin care routine. For example, I put this on after my retinol treatment which I do about 3 times a week. My skin drinks this in – not kidding. I usually apply a couple applications because I love how hydrating it is. I haven’t tried the daytime lotion, but am sure it’s equally as great. My boys use the hydrating facial cleanser. She recommended it to my middle son who has been struggling with recent acne…from playing football and wearing the helmet, etc. Awesome deal!

( toothbrush )

Everyone loves an electric toothbrush, but they are costly. This is the one I have (in white) and it’s 40% off during the sale!

I’m all about eye patches! Love them in the morning while making lunches or coffee. Recently I was gifted this set from a friend. LOVE them so much! In fact so much the brand has replaced my old Peter Roth go-to’s…

( eye patches )

There’s more eye patch options available from Blaq, but these seem interesting as well…

( eye patches )

There’s countless pages of beauty items to scroll through. Have a look here!


Was happy to see so much on sale in the cleaning dept! I am always in need of hand soap, counter spray and laundry products – all included in the sale! Even the seasonal scents from Mrs Meyers…

( hand soap )

This set of 3 Acorn Spice is 30% off at only $10.14!

If you aren’t into the seasonal scents, this classic honeysuckle set of 3 is only $8.38!

( hand soap )

One of my favorite dish soaps…

( dish soap )

I occasionally use these – there’s a time for it. If you use them regularly =  this set is on sale!…

( Downy )

Even batteries are on sale! We always need those!

( batteries )

You can see more home products by clicking through the Everyday Essentials category!



AirPods are 10% off…

( airpods )

As well as a variety of Beats…

( beats )

Everything from speakers to TVs to TV mounts and more…all on sale!


Of course, I had to check out some of the organization products. These jar labels are trending at the moment and found this cute set on sale…


( labels )

We frequently use these bins in pantries and drawers. On sale!…

( bins )

My glass meal prep containers = on sale!

( glass containers )

These are truly my favorite!…

This cord wrapper is a great way to conceal those countertop appliance cords and it’s on sale…

( cord wrapper )

We’ve used this oversized floor tote in playroom projects. Would be great in a laundry room or for use as a hamper = on sale!…

( floor tote )


I have much more linked to my storefront, but here’s a few things I own and LOVE. This bodysuit in a few colors…

( bodysuit )

This workout top is a dupe to my way more costly Lulu top…

( top )

Here’s the Lulu version I wear all the time…

I love this top!…

( top )

And this jacket…

( coat )

There’s furniture, pet products, sports equipment, home and diy appliances…the list goes on. I’ll continue updating my storefront list as anything really great crosses my radar.

Giving some serious consideration to purchasing my extended family Christmas gifts right now. I know the sales will continue, but do admit I’m worried given the current market and who knows what will happen after the election. (Yes, I said it!)

Happy shopping guys!

( necklace )

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