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Oct 12

Gave some serious consideration about sharing this personal goal / decision. But after going round and round in my head…something I’m really good at doing *snorts*…here goes. I hired a bikini fitness coach. * insert emoji with big eyeballs *

Yep. I finally did it. If there’s ever a time or year to go ALL IN, it’s 2022. And it’s now.

I don’t care that it’s October. I don’t play the New Year’s resolution game. If I want to do something – if YOU want to do something – DO IT. NOW.

I have another post planned this week where I’ll share a lot more about the whole deal – coming to my decision, my why, where I’m at right now (mentally and body stats), what my goals are, how I found my coach / all the coach research I did, what I’m eating, what my workouts look like, how I fold the workout and eating schedule into my daily life, the challenges I have faced already (cravings or hunger), how I’m feeling in general and more. Will probably be a few posts now that I see that long list. But since I found awesome fitness items included in the Amazon sale, I figured why not share this development with you guys.

Those who have been reading my blog over the years know fitness is a HUGE part of my life. Such a huge part in fact it’s like breathing or drinking water or brushing my teeth. It’s a part of my day. Period. That is how much fitness is a part of my daily lifestyle. And if it doesn’t happen, Sam isn’t herself.

Back in 2016 / 2017 I was training heavily while considering a competition back then. I blogged a little about it. You can see one post here.

Training came to a halt when I suffered a stress fracture in my ankle. It sucked big time! And really crushed me internally. Here’s another post where I talk about the injury.

Anyway, over the following years, my urge and desire to push myself with this goal never faded. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try. And not because I necessarily actually plan to compete. (Although my coach will tell you otherwise – she wants to see me ALL IN) I want to push myself physically, but more so MENTALLY. I’ve been craving a mental-toughness challenge and this to me seems like the ultimate mind-F.

And I’m curious to see what my body can do before 50 (which is a couple years away).

As I said, more soon. But I’m currently SUPER sore from the glute / leg days – although committed and excited nonetheless! And look forward to sharing here along the way.

Speaking of, I may not share as consistently. May be something I update on monthly or every other month. Training and seeing results is going to take time. I’ve heard from some coaches I interviewed that the goal I have in mind will take no less than one year of consistent training…makes sense to me. So while I may not update here regularly, I’ll be in the thick of it.

By the way, I’ve only told my sister about this…no one else even knows yet. lol! OH! And I will also share a few photos of what a bikini body looks like. My sister imagined and Arnold bulky type look. I was like omg…NO! My sister is so funny. Anyway, I’ll share a few example physique photos so you see what the end goal should look like.


Yesterday I shared some great deals from the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale, but didn’t include fitness items. My full prime sale list can be found here on the storefront, but wanted to highlight a few I know you will love OR will make excellent gifts!

I live in black leggings and these are a steal! They are super comfortable and the price alone is incredible!…

( leggings )

( joggers )

Both the leggings and joggers come in multiple colors…each are roughly $17 on sale!

Not brave enough to wear these in public or share a photo yet, but these shorts are awesome…

( shorts )

I only wear Adidas…no reason other than I find colors / styles I like with them. And they are comfortable for work. These are on sale, along with others…

( Adidas )

I have a similar therapy gun from Sharper Image, but have heard great things about this one…

( theragun )

Mine was gifted to me by a client after we spent weeks helping him unpack 🙂

I’m currently on a Peloton 47 WEEK streak…longest ever for me!…

In general, I’m on the bike 3 days a week and will mix in an outdoor or treadmill walk. I was surprised to see the original Peloton bike as a part of the sale!…

( Peloton )

Peloton brand weights, clothing and other accessories are also part of the sale.

Staying hydrated is key no matter if you’re a fitness person or not. I’m currently drinking one gallon of water daily and the only way that happens is with my large glass mason jar or my Hydro…

( hydroflask )

I know the Stanley bottles have been trending, but I love my light pink Hydro. I LOVE ice cold water…even though they say cold water is terrible on your stomach and doesn’t help with weight loss or gut health. Room temperature water makes me gag…that started when I was pregnant with my kids. Who knows why??!!

Ninja’s and Vitamix are on sale as well…

( Vitamix )

I have a Ninja, which does the job of making smoothies fine enough. (It’s this one) But I’ve been dreaming about the new Vitamix that has the food processor attachment. Have any of you seen that yet? Super cool and eliminates the need for another appliance.

These are just a few great health and fitness items included in the sale so make sure to take a look. Again, even if you don’t need these things…could make wonderful holiday or birthday gifts! The sale ends today!

Back soon with more and hope you’re enjoying the week!



*some affiliate links were shared

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  1. Amanda Thomas says:

    Congrats Sam! Can’t wait to hear more about your journey. Please keep us updated.

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