Edited Closet – From White to Birch

Oct 14

I have a complicated relationship with Elfa. You know we complete a lot of designs and installs with this system. There’s pros and cons for sure. An Elfa system isn’t always the most perfect solution in that you see a fair amount of the framing. But when it comes to ease of installing and editing over time = it’s worth it!

Don’t get me wrong, I love it for the most part, but as I said…it’s complicated! lol!

A couple months ago I shared this closet installation and mentioned I’d be back to share a big update…

You can see the full transformation in this blog post, but here’s a sneak peek of the before and after…

The closet was essentially a blank canvas.

She was on a trip when we completed the install and organization. But when she returned, she felt like the white was too bright and wanted a warmer tone. Something that possibly blended in with the flooring.

In a couple hours we transformed the closet from bright white to a warm birch…

This didn’t happen without some effort, but we’ll always go the extra lengths to ensure you are totally satisfied with the outcome.

She loves it…and so do we!

Here’s a little video of the transformation…

I do love how easy it is to edit Elfa. It makes the cost, although we never pay full price, all the more worth it.

Elfa is in it’s final week of the current sale offering. If you have a design in the system or have a space that needs help, definitely take a look. The next sale cycle should begin mid-December…if all goes well. We never really know.

Happy Friday, guys! Off to see my football player this evening! Look at this one…*heart eyes*

Proud of this boy!

Have a great weekend guys!



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