The Final Kitchen Project of 2022

Dec 13

You’d think most families wouldn’t want to organize this close to Christmas, but we’re still busy decluttering and organizing – yep, even in mid-December. And we have no problem with it. Decluttering garages, helping a family declutter in prep of a move, installing Elfa closets and I’ve been doing a fair amount of fine-tuning in a home we unpacked earlier this year.

I mean, is this not the most stunning kitchen?! Designed by the one and only Nicole of Eye for Pretty. It’s a heartbreaker. Honestly, the entire house is amazing and pretty darn near close to my dream home. Gorgeous but so warm and lovely. And the family living here is equally as warm and lovely.

We unpacked them in February and by November she was ready for the fine-tuning and finessing to begin. I started with the kitchen drawers, pantry and a couple pantry drawers. Then moved into her office, which will be a separate post.

I love the progress we’ve made and just in time for her to host more than 50 people for Christmas this coming week! Yes, she is hosting 50 people for dinner! My hero!


Organized cooking utensil drawer _ Simply Organized SF Bay Area Professional Organizer

I am in love with this new knife organizer I found on Amazon. My previous go-to (this one) has interesting angles that ultimately waste space, in my opinion. And I didn’t like the overall shape of the product. I think this one is perfect and can be paired side x side for people with a lot of knives in their kitchen…

( knife organizer )

She entertains a fair amount and wanted one of the top drawers in the island to contain all of her cheese board / entertaining board items. In case you didn’t know, the bamboo drawer organizers I’m using in this kitchen can also be stacked to create more space…

kitchen organization - simply organized SF Bay Area professional organizer

( stacking bamboo organizers )

A pain point in most homes = what to do with the reusable cup lids and straws. Just above this drawer is a cabinet where the water bottles are located. However, the cabinet wasn’t the best spot for the lids and straws to free-float. So I organized this drawer for half ziploc and half lids / straws. Lunch-making made easier…

ziploc organizer - simply organized SF Bay Area professional organizer

( ziploc organizer set )

ziploc organizer - simply organized SF Bay Area professional organizer

The ziploc organizer is pretty cool…not necessary, but cool.


Moving to the pantry, it’s a modest yet challenging design. It’s deep so I opted for deep clear bins that I could label. These come in an array of widths and their depth makes the most of the space. The handle is perfect for ease of grabbing and nothing gets lost on the top shelves…wayyyyy deep in the back…

( deep clear bins with handles )

There’s two drawers directly below the cabinet pantry – one for snacks and one for bread / popcorn making. In the snack drawer I used the same deep clear bins

And in the bread / popcorn drawer I used wicker baskets

Organized bread drawer - simply organized SF Bay Area professional organizer


Beautiful! And easy for them to maintain.

Are you doing any organizing BEFORE the holidays or waiting until January? Let me know and why you are opting to go either way.

By the way, the Elfa sale started last week and this year it’s back to 30% off! Awesome opportunity to catch this amazing system on sale!

Back soon with more guys!



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  1. Juni says:

    This home is beautiful! We’re in the designing stages with our cabinet builders right nos and I might have a few more suggestions to make now! Thank you for sharing this beautifully organized kitchen!!!

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