Non-Clutter Gift Ideas – For the Aspiring Professional Organizer

Dec 11

If you or someone on your gift list has dreams of becoming a professional organizer, this gift guide is for you! I realize I have a very unique niche in this field, so not everyone will appreciate my driver, drill or toolbox. But this list is not only what I use, love and must-have on nearly every project, it covers what other professional organizer’s generally have in their toolbox as well.

( driver | drill | sawzall )

My driver, drill and sawzall are necessary for every Elfa install I complete. The drill-driver is used for pre-drilling holes, my driver is used to install drywall anchors or wood screws, and my sawzall is used to customize / cut material on the spot. I LOVE these two brands – Ryobi and DeWalt. They are my go-to’s when I am in need of any power tools.

Also important to have on hand is a stud finder and a level. This stud finder is AMAZING!…

It’s so small, has a level and the magnet is incredibly accurate in locating the studs.

I use a magnetic level to ensure hanging standards and shelves are level…

( level )

Measuring in this field is critically important. I use both a standard measuring tape and a laser measure. Often times we are measuring spaces that have a lot of contents. A laser measure allows me to measure without the need to move things out of the way. Do I have to sometimes move things? Yes. But most often this little gadget saves the day!…

( laser measure )

When measuring, you’ll be writing down measurements or drawing out the space. For this, I use graph paper and sharpie pens – my favorite! Recently, I invested in a clipboard that has storage. When I go to consultations, I bring this clipboard full of paper and it has my pens inside as well. Convenient, lightweight and cute!

( clipboard )

We have both a standard label maker and a bluetooth enabled label maker. Why two?

The standard label maker prints just one size tape – it’s a smaller tape which is better for interior spaces and small spaces like a pantry, closet, etc. The bluetooth label maker prints on larger tape. We use the larger tape for labeling garage bins – it’s easier for families to read a label on over-head racks, for example, if the label is wider and the font is larger.

The bluetooth label maker is chargeable and you can print a variety of tape sizes.

These are both of our label makers…

( bluetooth label maker – larger label option )


( standard label maker )

If you take your own photos of projects, you’ll need a tripod. This is the tripod we use

It’s folds down easily and compactly. Also holds your phone securely. Building that portfolio is everything! Investing in great camera equipment was important to me from day one. Everyone loves a visual and you’ll get loads of clients if they can see the great work you’re doing!

The final item on my own personal must-have list is my toolbox system…

( rolling toolbox )

Our entire team is obsessed. It’s totally customizable – there are so many options to create your own unique system.

I have the larger rolling toolbox above as well as a smaller one for our labeling gear…

And a tiny guy for the screws and anchors…

These attach to one another making transport ultra seamless. All of my tools, chargers, labeling gear, screws, scissors, pens, measuring gadgets, etc…loaded into this bad boy and it stays in the back of my car. I’m never without our tools should we run into an issue when they are needed. And I love that the system is on wheels. I used to have a tool bag and it was so annoying that I finally broke down and invested in this. So glad I did!!

Many of these ideas would be loved by even the everyday handy person in your life too!

Hope you enjoyed this gift guide…may not have been one you saw coming, but I know we have a community of professional organizer’s who read the blog. 🙂

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!



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  1. J. Hamman says:

    Love the tool box system! I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to lift it into my van, though, once it was loaded with tools. Do you have a ramp, or just very strong arms? 🙂

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Julie,

      I try to limit the amount of tools to what is absolutely necessary if I know I’ll need to remove it from my car on a project. Otherwise, I mostly leave it in the car and grab what I need throughout my time there.

      It would definitely get heavy if you loaded it with too much stuff. My sawzall, for example, never goes inside. It does fit, but it has it’s own carrying bag and I never use that inside a home – only outside to cut material.

      I really LOVE this system!!


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