Non-Clutter Gifts Ideas – For Him

Dec 10

This gift list will be short and sweet…but accurate. In general, people say men are hard to shop for. I think the opposite is truer – men are insanely easy to buy for. Why? Because all you have to do is ask. They will tell you. They generally know what they want and what they don’t want.

This may not be fun for those who want to gift something material, but I’ve asked a fair amount of men over the last few weeks what they want for Christmas. The men range in age from 30 – 80. These are people who belong to my gym, clients, and friends. Also put out a poll to the Instagram community. And almost all of them answered one of four ways:

  1. Uninterrupted time doing something – whether with their partner or alone
  2. An experience gift – a trip, a getaway, a concert, extended time with friends or family or people they enjoy being with
  3. Less stuff – in the garage or various spaces around the house
  4. Something they really need – updated clothing or otherwise (see below)

Keep in mind, for all of the gift lists I’m sharing, I realize everyone has different and specific interests or hobbies. So the man on your list may have a specific wish. I’m just offering these lists to include loved and appreciated items / categories we see in homes and also not include the items we find are donated most often.

Men who responded about material gift items said nice, updated clothing or shoes, a good travel bag, better skincare products…so I pulled a few ideas we have seen a fair amount of. And I hope this is helpful with your gifting!


( jogger )

( pants )

( pants )

( down vest )

( shirts )

( tommy john underwear )

Quality workout wear…Rhone is one of my favorite brands!…



( slipper )

( slipper )

( Hokas )

( duffle bag )






( shoes )


( charger / tray combo )

( 3-in-1 charger )



( this is one of the top brands we see in homes )

Kiehl’s has an entire line of products for men…it’s also on sale right now…

( moisture treatment )

Hope this short list has inspired you!

Getting any shopping done this weekend? I’m trying but it’s been pouring rain here in the Bay Area…and cold! Not really fun for outdoor / mall shopping. Online shopping is convenient but I like to SEE things in person, you know? Anyone else?

Back soon with more!



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