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Apr 12

The entrepreneur life is NOT easy. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Honestly, go ahead and run away quickly from anyone who tells you to buy their “magic” program or makes promises they have the key to running a smooth, easy-going small business.

It is not easy and there’s no magic tricks. Just hard work, commitment and patience. And more.

Not that I would ever work for anyone else or do anything different as a career. But I will always be honest with you guys – as much as I love what I do as an organizer, running the business is NOT easy. So many learning curves and tough lessons. No matter how long I’ve been doing this, I learn something new all the time. And generally, the hard way. lol!

Not only do I want to share organizing content that motivates, inspires and helps people…as a small business owner I love to help my peers. We are better as a community, not as competition.

So, whether you’re a professional organizer or running another type of service-based small business – I want to help you as well.

I created a list of all the tools I use in my organizing business and created a FREE document for you to download. The list includes the tools I bring to projects, the payroll and HR company I work with, the invoicing system I use and more. I will continue to update this document and make sure to share updates with you as well. If you’re interested in downloading this FREE document, all you need to do is complete the form below and an email will be sent to you for downloading!

That’s it!

I’d like to share more small business content so let me know what you’d like to hear or know.

Hope you’re having an amazing week, guys!



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