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Apr 5

Coming up on a year in this house (!!) and throughout those months I’ve shared the evolution of my home office. Today I’m excited to share a video tour! And one that includes the inside of every drawer.

This space started here…

I added a fresh coat of paint and removed the track lighting…

( paint: Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore )

Painted the built-in shelves…

And moved what I owned into the space…

I layered in an area rug…

( area rug )

Removed the doors and added a floor mirror…

( mirror )

In 11 months, this office has certainly transformed and I absolutely love spending time in here.

Have plans to add a light and maybe something on the wall. Some window coverings, perhaps. ? But one thing I have been religious about is keeping the contents down to what I actually use and need.

A key point I make in this video early on is that I prefer less stuff because it means I have less stuff to organize, contain, maintain and stay on top of. Life is already so full of stuff and responsibilities. Last thing I need is more to take care of. And I wish the same for you!

Have a peek inside my home office…

I’d love to have you join me on YouTube. The content will continue coming and having you there would mean the World to me! My favorite people are my old-school blog buddies. So come over and hang out with me!

Hope you’re having a great week. See you soon with another post…



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