Why Decluttering May Be All You Need to Do – Ever!

Apr 24

What’s up guys! How are you? Hope you had an awesome weekend! We’re having great Bay Area weather and this weekend I was able to get in a five mile outdoor walk at a local reservoir. It was incredible! Hope you’re enjoying Spring wherever you are!

Today I’m sharing a new video I just posted on our YouTube channel – one of Sam’s core beliefs. The fact that all you may need to do in order to get organized is to declutter. And not organize at all. Sounds crazy? Not really!

The act of decluttering alone may well be all you need to do!

I don’t want to repeat much of what I said in the video, so definitely go watch it, but less stuff in your home or spaces means you’ll have less stuff to account for, store, maintain and organize. Having less stuff automatically creates space for the items you need and use.

Most people are attempting to get organized because they find themselves at wits end with the inability to find something or many somethings. They hit the frustration wall and think getting containers or bins will solve the issue. In fact, it’s less stuff that will solve the issue.

Every time!

I’d love for you to watch the video, which is less than eight minutes. I’m focusing on short bits of content to really get the encouraging message or lessons out to you. And I’d be honored if you subscribed to our channel and shared it with people you know could benefit! Thank you!

Back soon with more!



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