Simply Done: A Closet With Angles

Jul 31

Another closet with multiple angles…but it’s also another successful design and install in the books. One of our long-time families was upgrading their son from a shared bedroom to a room all his own. This was previously the guest room and it had a nice sized closet, however it had multiple angles.

There were two existing hanging rods, but this wasn’t going to work for the long haul…

To give you an idea of what I was working with, here’s the measurements from the consult appt…

When you have a situation like this, easiest is to focus on one main wall. So in this case we focused on the wall that is 73″ wide.

In one day our painter worked his magic…

A couple days later I was there to install.

I wanted to incorporate drawers in the design therefore this took some finagling. The drawers need to open without hitting the door frame or wall so placement of those was key. I was still able to add loads of shelving space and a hanging rod. Take a look at the closet now!…

Looks amazing!!! And the drawers open without issue…

( closet materials )

You can also see a video of the installation here on our YouTube Channel…

Really pleased with the outcome. He has a lot of room with still more room to edit as he grows.

This is the Elfa system from The Container Store. You can find it here!

Hope you guys had an awesome weekend! Back with another post soon!



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