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Jul 23

Hope you had a great weekend! Am currently sitting at the airport – and delayed – while getting home from a weekend away. More on our trip another time. But since I’m held captive, and have my laptop along with a phone full of photos, let’s make the most of our 2.5 hour delay and write a blog.

Speaking of a phone full of photos, this week I have my kick-off call with my peer / friend and professional photo organizer Adam Pratt. I am finally hitting this ridiculous photo organization thing head on. And it’s ALL getting organized. I’m going to share the process, progress and pricing…all given the ok to share via Adam. This is going to be WELL WORTH the investment. And then some! I can’t wait to have ALL of my personal AND professional photos organized…and have a system to maintain it all moving forward.

Back to this home update.

There was a corner of my bedroom that was looking sad for the last year. It needed storage but something pretty enough to sit in my bedroom. And also balance out the TV I mounted on the wall months ago…

This window probably needs more of a relaxing, quiet zone for reading or drinking coffee in the morning. A couple chairs. But what made sense to me? My peloton – lol!

By the way, this peloton is actually used. Am currently on an 87 week streak!

Anyway, my bike sits here and the large floor mirror you see off to the left is where I do my home workouts. There’s a nice wide open floor area in front of the mirror. I’d put the bike in the garage but the flooring isn’t that great and it’s a bit depressing down there, if I’m being honest. I like the bright sunlight up here and mounted the TV a few months ago.

In addition to my bike, I have workout items that were sitting in or around this floor basket…

I found these great cabinets on Amazon and decided to buy two, then place them side by side to create the look of one piece…

( cabinet )

They are at a great price-point too!

Assembly was fairly easy…

Even after assembling one, I was so excited to build the second. What a difference!

And now…

( cabinets | area rug )

Do you see Nova hiding underneath? She’s our shadow. Sometimes hiding or in plain view when the camera comes out…

These cabinets are the perfect size under the tv and now I have a spot to display some framed photos or decor. The inside is spacious and the included shelf is adjustable…

On the left side I have my workout accessories (more of it is in my gym bag) and on the right there’s extra or out of season bedding.

I created an assembly video which was shared on the YouTube channel. You can see it here…

I really love the way it turned out!

Have another little project on my schedule this week. My new desk arrived and the treadmill arrives early this week. I can’t wait to get it all assembled so that I can walk while working…

( desk | treadmill )

Have SO MUCH to share! And hope to be back this week to get started…hope you’re all well!

Back soon!



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  1. Mom Penny! says:

    I love your decor ideas! You have made my organizational ideas in my den a breeze. I don’t like to call it my office — I won’t want to spend too much time in it! You obviously inherited awesome genes on your mother’s side!

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