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Jul 15

Hello! How’s your summer going?? I have a big post I’m working on sharing the details of our summer trip…hard to believe, as of today, it’s been a week since we returned. We went to Texas to visit my sister and her husband…then on to Mexico for five nights. So many great photos and details to share. I hoped to write a trip post this week, but what ended up absorbing my time completely were all the sales. ALL THE SALES!

Amazon Prime Day – the two-day sales event – is a big one. This sale is a great time to grab home essentials and pretty much stuff from any category you can imagine had items on major sale. And that also includes organizing products. During the sale I try to restock our supply of the basics – labeling tape, bins, drawer organizers, etc. And I also share what I consider to be some of the best NON-CLUTTER sale items. Wanted to share a few things here that were the most popular AND what I actually purchased for myself during Prime Day … I am SO FIRED UP about what I pulled the trigger on.

In other sales news, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is about the begin. And The Container Store is having a sale for college students.

The most effective, timely way to see what I have found or am sharing is via the Like To Know It page OR the Amazon Storefront. If you aren’t following me, I’d love to have you join me so you don’t miss out on saving good money! On Amazon I have pulled together a list of only Prime Day items so you can see those on the storefront if you wish.


Anywayyyyy…here is what I actually purchased for myself on Prime Day! A standing desk…

( desk )

And an under-desk treadmill to place under it…

( treadmill )


I know. I’m such a basic-B getting on this trend, but I have been wanting this set-up for so long. Why? Because I spend a lot of time at my desk – SITTING. When instead I could be incorporating movement into my work and boosting my productivity. It’s not about getting in the cardio…it’s about the mind / body connection. When I move my body, I’m more creative and think deeper / better. It’s interesting.

This has long been on my wish list but didn’t want to pay full price. Holding out until the sale was the perfect move. The desk is arriving in a couple days and then the treadmill a few days later. Will be sure to update you when it’s here!


From what I shared on prime day, here is a list of the top five items.

My favorite Lululemon dupe! There is no difference between the two OTHER THAN the price! Theirs is $68…while this one on Amazon was $18. It’s now on sale for $23. Still worth it! I love this top and am planning to purchase a few other colors…


( workout tank )

My favorite 3-in-1 charger…

( charger )

This $20 top I wore on my travel days during our trip…

( top )

My alarm clock…

( clock )


And my AirPods Cleaning Set…

( cleaning set )

You can find everything on the Amazon Storefront.


The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is about to begin. There are tiered start dates depending on what level you are with Nordstrom…in general, things sell out quickly so if I find something I like, I buy it. This tends to be, in my opinion, a great time to buy hostess gifts for the holidays. I know it’s far ahead to be thinking about, but there’s some really cute things at small price points!…

( find them here )

My favorite white Adidas are a part of the sale…

( find them here )

When the sale kicks off I will continue adding items to LTK.


You guys know I have a child heading off to college this Fall…I have about 5 weeks to go. Don’t even get me started or the tears will flow. This is a great time to take a peek at what’s available and grab it all for 25% off…

( find these products here )

When it comes to dorm stuff, it all depends on the type of space they are in. Dorms can vary. I am going to see his actual space (via website) in the next couple weeks so I’ll have a better idea then as to what we can do to make the most of it. But there’s a few great items on sale right now. I am loving this modular set-up as a bedside table…

( modular set )

I like that you can customize the pieces to store things…and give them a surface for a lamp, phone to charge, etc.

Definitely take a look if you have someone heading off to dorm life.

More to share soon and will be back! Hope you’re having a great weekend!



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  1. Penny Alvarado says:

    I loved the entire blog! Keep up the great work! Love you to the moon and stars! XO, Mom!

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