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Aug 7

Everyone knows walking is great for your health and well-being. Walking is a superpower. But when you pair walking with working it boosts your productivity. It also strengthens and improves concentration, focus, alertness and creativity. These are well-known facts – it’s been studied and proven!

It’s the mind – body connection…And it works!

In my previous home, there was a treadmill in the gym. I’d bungee my laptop to the treadmill when I felt writer’s block or needed to work through a challenging design project. It really helped to boost my focus and creativity. And my time in the gym always helps me sort out anything difficult – whether personal or business.

When the Amazon Prime Day sale hit last month, these were the only two items on my wish list. I knew they’d be on sale and I took time previous to the sale beginning to do a little research. There’s SO many options for treadmills. The desk was an easy choice. I went with this one that I have seen in many of the homes we work in…

( desk )

By the way, I just noticed the desk is back on sale for 40% off!

The treadmill took a bit more time to consider because I wanted to ensure the measurements were correct for the desk width and also for my stride. Didn’t want to end up with one that had a short tread OR one that folds in half. I heard and read in some cases the fold-in-half versions cause you to feel the seam through the tread as you walk. I knew that would bug me. The treadmill was a few hundred dollars and in that case I wanted to read as many reviews as possible. This is the one I chose…

( treadmill )

It has great reviews and I like that you can use it as a treadmill or under desk walking pad.

When everything arrived, I got it all set up in our formal living room. This room has and will stay mostly empty. It’s a rental house and have no plans to stay here long enough to invest in furniture specifically for this room. We mostly hang out in the family room, which is connected to the kitchen…

That room is fully loaded with seating. In this formal living room we keep Nova’s cat tree and a large oversized bean bag for hanging out. The kids generally play with Nova in here or Natalie does tumbling.

The windows are beautiful and gives a nice backdrop for a different working view…

For the moment, I have it set up here in this corner. During the last week I have mostly worked from this desk and I love it! My home office isn’t going anywhere. Still plan to sit there as well. But this has delivered such a huge boost in productivity. I am really getting more done and my body feels great moving. As I awaited the arrival of the two items, I was really feeling the impact of sitting at my desk for six to eight hours.

There’s been more blogging and designing. Feels amazing!…

You can see a video of me setting up both items on our YouTube Channel right here!

If you’ve been considering a set-up like this, I totally recommend it. And I can so far stand behind the two items I purchased. The desk was easy to assemble and the treadmill comes mostly assembled. All you need to do is attach the power cord, add the included battery to the remote and add the emergency pull cord to the treadmill’s handle. Easy stuff!

Hope you guys had a nice weekend!



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  1. I love this idea, but I don’t think I’d be able to type or mouse while walking. Are you able to?

    • Samantha says:

      Hi – it has actually been very easy! You can adjust the desk to feel comfortable to how your hands or hands need to sit. I walk at around 2.2 mph on average and find it’s easy to type and walk.

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