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Aug 10

With kids heading back to school, I’m rounding up organization projects from our portfolio to uplift and inspire! Some of you probably know exactly what you’re doing when the house is empty…while some of you may feel frozen and unsure where to begin. No matter where you land on that spectrum, I hope these projects spark the motivation to get going. It’s sometimes the getting started part that’s the most difficult. But once we do?? Man, do we go full steam ahead!

Don’t forget….We live in our homes. So after you’ve organized a space beautifully, expect it to get messy again. 🙂 No pressure allowed!


( desk | small drawer organizer | large drawer organizer | compartment drawer organizer | stapler )

Personally, I’m heading into a totally new chapter of back-to-school – my oldest is heading off to his first year of college, my middle to a new high school (he changed schools), and it’s the final year for my youngest at the school she’s attended since kindergarten. So much going on – in general and emotionally. But one of many things that brings me serenity and promise is the comfort in routine. And the fulfillment of pressing the reset button on many spaces that need my attention and order for the transition into a new school year.

( stacking acrylic drawers | open topped handled bins )

Whatever the grade, kids generally have the need for small supplies to be organized. You know the necessities – I don’t need to list them here. But regardless of what you’re trying to contain, you can easily organize in drawers or in a cabinet near their homework area. Sometimes a few of their supplies can live in your kitchen junk drawer…because most of us have children doing homework on the kitchen counter. Right?! No matter how cute of a bedroom desk set-up you create! lol!…

( acrylic organizers | new acrylic organizers I like )

You can find acrylic drawer organizers virtually everywhere now. I linked a new version above that I have been enjoying, but I also like these from Amazon.


If you’re lucky enough to have a mudroom or landing spot inside for bags and shoes, these are always a great space to declutter and clear off…

( baskets | labels )

Garage mudrooms are a project I love to help families create. So even if you don’t have the indoor space for one, you can easily add one just outside the garage door…

( elfa wall system | boot tray )

( elfa system | baskets )


Besides the mudroom and school supplies, next top spots to hit in general are the pantry / kitchen, playroom and their closets. With meals now more on routine and lunch making back on the docket, getting the food and snack situation dialed in feels amazing! We have organized all sorts of pantries – from large to small. Search the blog for “pantry” and scroll away…

( white handled bin | mesh basket | tiered riser )

( anchor jars | turntable )

( clear handled bins for shelves or drawers )

( white metal basket | bamboo turntable | mesh drawers )


When my kids were little, one of the first spaces I’d work on was the playroom or areas where they kept toys. With them at school, it’s an easy time to sort it out, remove what they aren’t playing with and create new systems / interest…

( clear lidded bins )

( clear bins | fabric baskets | white cubbies )

Before we know it, it will be the gift-giving season. Make room for what they are really interested in playing with while making room for new items that will inevitably show up.


You guys know I love a good kid’s closet transformation! This is a great time of year to sort out what is worn / tattered from a long summer and what doesn’t fit anymore.

My 8th grader wears a school uniform which is great, but I have to remember she needs regular clothes for the weekends, school performances and holidays. We just went through all of her school clothes and otherwise last week…placed an order this week for new items like socks, underwear, sports bras, shoes, etc. I remember back to school shopping and how fun it was to have new clothes to wear.

And of course, getting them organized…

Don’t forget, I am more than available to help you design an Elfa closet – whether you live here in my area or not!

As I’m sharing these closet projects, I’m realizing just how behind I am on getting SO MANY kid’s closets here on the blog! Wow. Are we behind.

I realize these all look similar, but that’s because I am making the most of every inch of your child’s space.

Excited to help families press the reset button in the coming weeks! And excited to get back to routine…expect a lot more blogging too. My photo organization project in still rolling along and really looking forward to getting all of those projects yet to be shared here on the blog. I’m also working behind the scenes on a new portfolio page. Really excited about that!

Hope you’re all having a great week!



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