Simply Done: Organizing Under a Bathroom Sink

Aug 17

Pretty sure there isn’t a home dweller of any type who doesn’t struggle with the bathroom under sink situation. The pipe. It’s a necessary evil. And it gets in the way of really making the most of this important storage space. BUT there’s a way to work around the pipe. Promise!

Here’s an example of a cabinet with a pipe I organized this week…

You can see the pipe in this case is mostly centered. But often times I see the pipe off to one side.


Thankfully, we have cool modular products on the market that can be configured to puzzle-perfection. Take a look at the same cabinet now…

The fit from left to right couldn’t be more perfect! I love when it magically comes together this way.

For her sink I chose 3 modular drawers. These come in different widths and heights. In these drawers, I organized her backstock hair and feminine products.

On the top of each drawer, I added open-topped bins that are from the same line as the drawers. This meant the bins would sit perfectly on this footprint. Everything on top is her daily reached for items.

In this photo you can see the bins as well as how far back the drawers go. Really taking advantage of the cabinet depth by adding these drawers!…

( drawers | bins )

A simple label is all that was required…

She was SO happy with the after. And I know you will be too if you are struggling with your bathroom sink storage.


While organizing her bathroom cabinet, I also worked on her make-up drawer and their shared top bathroom drawer.

( drawer organizers )

The Container Store has their own new line of products. It’s pretty economical and I love that these drawer organizers have truly squared corners. They also have grippy feet to keep them from shifting. So far, they have passed the Sam test.

For her make-up drawer, I love these modular containers

( drawer organizers )

These also comes in various sizes and heights. They really make the most of your deeper bathroom drawers and allow you to categorize whatever you wish. You can use the clips to keep them secured and from shifting…and also are great for adding small labels.

Really beautiful!

Hope this gave you some bathroom organization inspo! Who else is deep into back-to-school decluttering and organizing?

Back soon with more guys!



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