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Mar 8

I’m going to be honest, I don’t know where to begin in this post. I do know I’ll be sharing some juicy insight into my “why’s”…so you’ll definitely want to read that part.

Although it’s been a long road to get here and there’s yet still more road ahead of me, I’m starting to work on the course sales page which means it’s becoming a reality. I am too excited not to share more details at this stage of the game! All the hard work I’ve been pouring into this baby for the last 3-4 months is launching in a few weeks! Wow!!

Confession = this process has been SO overwhelming. So much to learn and so much brain pain as I dig deep to pull the content out of my head. Keep it thoughtful, calm and not overwhelming. Keep it organized but also comprehensive, if you will. Since I’m speaking to such a broad audience it’s been hard not to find myself in the weeds of different scenarios…when instead I need to remember not everyone has the exact same garage.

OH! Did I mention … my first digital course is ALL about GARAGE DECLUTTERING AND ORGANIZATION??


Getting straight to the point. I’m creating this course to help YOU and help more people streamline the process of decluttering. To share my insights and expertise in a way that will help you NOT waste time OR money on systems that inevitably become a part of the clutter too.

I have been doing this as a career for YEARS and I have the reps in. I know how to do this AND do it effectively. And the garage is my favorite space in a home to organize. Period. Comb my social media or the blog and you’ll be scrolling back to see years of garage projects.

I’ve become the go-to expert in my field for this space because of my passion for it and the experience I have in transforming countless garages.

I want to help you take the confusion and guesswork out of everything that’s scaring you from taking action in the first place.

We are starting in the garage with my digital course series (oh yes, there is more eduction to come!) because this is the one space in a home that is the most neglected AND it’s so wide open that I see people literally freeze, turn around, close the door and walk back inside. The words I hear over and over again when it comes to this space is that it’s overwhelming, causes a lot of stress and frustration AND people are confused about where or how to get started.

Since this is a large space that contains a WIDE variety of items, it’s easy to feel lost and unsure of where to focus your efforts. Or where to put everything.

Therefore, I am breaking down my process – step-by-step – to teach you HOW to do it.

Simply. Easily. Effectively. In a smart way. And I’m there to coach you through every single step. Me!

The course series is called Trust The Process. There’s a process and I’ve refined it over my years of work in this field AND in garages…and IF you follow it correctly, your garage will be your new favorite place to hang out!


I LOVE doing this work, and in some way I always will continue doing this hands-on (and I still very much am doing this right now)…BUT, at this time in my life I am craving more freedom and flexibility. More opportunity to manage my work schedule…and work from wherever I choose.

Here’s where the real REAL confessions come buckle up.

I’ll be open, I think it’s important to share. Especially if fellow small business owners are reading. And especially if you run a business in California.

I’m tired of getting taxed repeatedly for having employees or essentially doing ANYTHING to operate my business. California is taxing me SO much and it’s painful! And unsure at this point if it’s sustainable, frankly. I’m just a small business owner. I have six employees and we are a small but mighty team. In hiring more people the goal was to help me have less on my plate, help our projects move quickly and smoothly, help more families, expand into other markets around the Bay Area (for starters), etc. Also wanted to provide and create jobs. Create a unique culture in my business for moms to be able to work a few hours a day doing something fulfilling while still tending to the needs of their families.

I’m not a huge corporation – just a small business. But man, am I getting taxed A LOT.

On top of that, because the inflation and costs of doing business has to be folded in somewhere, occasionally clients are feeling the pain when I invoice or quote their projects … but this has to be a profitable business. I can’t do this job as a hobby or a charity. Everyone in our state is feeling the pinch. Really, everyone in the US.

The tax topic is something I can go down a rabbit hole with so we’ll end this point and move on. She could get real fired up. lol!

Another why confession = It’s challenging to hire and train and have people do it exactly the way I want it done. I’ve been SOOOO good about letting go of my perfectionist ways. Trust me. I’ve let people do things without me there although I’m still assembling and providing the game plan to follow, but I hear the feedback from our clients – “No one does it better than you, Sam…can you come back to tweak or edit?”.

The fact is, I can’t be the person doing all the things ALL the time. I don’t have an assistant. Anything social content or blog writing you see is all me. AND anything behind the scenes in my business from invoicing to quoting to designing to sourcing to game planning to scheduling…it’s all me. I do have a bookkeeper and a tax preparer – I definitely don’t do that stuff. But basically everything else is on my plate.

So being on every single project while managing the business of the business AND being a mom? And trying to take care of myself?

It’s overwhelming and it’s made me take a step back to consider other options or services I can add to the business to provide some relief.

When I do think about what I can eventually evolve into when I can’t physically do as much of this work anymore, coaching or consulting seemed like a natural next step. Even coaching hopeful professional organizers get their businesses started.

I see creating courses as a stepping stone in a future positioning direction. Creating courses will allow me to continue taking on a few projects at a time, while still teaching and helping a broader audience…and making an income but doing so with more freedom, as I mentioned.

I want more time with my kids. More time for myself. More time to really teach and help others. And the ability to work from anywhere I choose.

I mean, I’m sure many of you can feel or relate to this…even desire the same thing.

I could go on and on about my why’s, but there’s a good kicking off point for you. lol!

white garage cabinets


So what’s in the course?? Let’s break it down as it sits now!

7 Modules: 1 Welcome Module and 6 Lesson Modules

I start by teaching you my exact process I use in every space, not only the garage

Then we move into applying this step-by-step process in your garage

The course is full of actual client space photos, before and afters, and education – with me as your host throughout the course

A 40+ page downloadable course workbook – I’m still adding pages. It has checklists, worksheets, a resource guide with links to what I am referring to in the lessons and more.

By the way, we are talking from start to finish….to how to maintain your efforts. The full schabang!



At this time, my goal is a mid-late April launch…maybe into the first week of May. I’m working on the backend tech right now to ensure everything goes off without a hiccup. I’m being realistic, it’s my first time doing this AND I’m doing it all on my own, you guys! So, I’m taking extra steps to ensure it’s as smooth as possible.


I invested in a platform where the course will be hosted, as well as any future courses. You will simply log in to access your course.

BUT…for my first launch I am giving serious consideration to recording it live. It may be a course that is 3-4 weeks long. We have one day and time per week where you can join me live as I present a given module or section. The live recording will then be added to the course platform where you can watch it anytime or it’s available for people who were not able to attend the live.

Breaking it down into weeks this way will allow me to help along the way as well.

I’m still deciding if I’m pre-recording or going live – either way, the process will be fun and exciting and beautiful. I’m sort of leaning into doing it live because then I can see everyone and read the chat as well. I can also stick around for a period of time for a Q&A session at the end.

If I do go live, it will be hosted on Zoom.


I’m still ironing this out because I’d like to offer two price points. I’d love to offer one rate where you have access to the course. And another where you have the course followed by a certain number of weeks of group coaching sessions.

I know people will have specific questions about their garage as they work the process therefore I want to make myself available. But can only do so for a small group of people and only for a period of time. I can’t help design and work through everyone’s garage challenges. But I can help a bit by offering some group coaching to a small number of people.

This would also be hosted on Zoom, recorded and shared in the platform where you access the course.

If I had to guess right now, we’re looking at around $500 for the course or $750 for the course + group coaching sessions.

Custom Garage Cabinets & Organization by Simply Organized

The best way to stay up to date about everything is by joining my email list here. As we get closer to the launch date, I’m going to start sharing more information with the list … as well as an opportunity for ten people to purchase the course at half-price in advance of the launch. I’ll be explaining this to that email list. So if you’re interested, you’ll definitely want to join me over there!

Looking forward to sharing more and it all comes together. And I’d love to have you join me or have you share this with anyone you know who may have their garage on their mind as we approach spring cleaning and the weather improves.

Back soon with more guys!



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  1. bridget4422333edf says:

    I’ve been following you for years – you are my inspiration for becoming an organizer myself. I want to be just like you! This course sounds amazing, looking forward to it!

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Bridget!

      That is so sweet of you – thank you!!! And I am honored to have inspired you to get started yourself!

      I’m looking forward to the course launching soon and will be sharing more details as we get closer.

      Thank you again,

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