Simply Done: Elfa Closet Edits For Children

Mar 5

If you don’t already know by now, Elfa material is my jam when it comes to children’s closets. These systems give you the ability and ease of editing as your children grow or needs change. While the product can sometimes be an investment depending on the design elements you choose, it’s well worth its price point – it’s durable, lasts forever, can be edited when you wish and it’s easy to install. Of course, you can find it on sale a few times a year too.

These two closets are a perfect example of how you can edit with ease, creating even more space and function!


These two closets had existing Elfa systems when this family moved in. The rooms were previously guest rooms, but are now designated for a 2 year old boy and a baby girl.

You can see in their son’s closet before there was only hanging sections and shelves. The hanging sections were staged for adult-sized clothing. And mom really wanted to nix the dresser in the bedroom for more floor space, therefore we needed to add drawers…

Not only was I able to add drawers – NINE OF THEM – but I also added gliding shoe shelves beneath. I lowered the hanging sections on the left side and added additional shelves above. There’s much more room now!

While I install or edit closets, my team is behind me organizing the clothing and getting it ready to put away. Krissy was here with me today and here’s how the closet looked when she was done…

So cute! I love his little shoes!

In baby sister’s closet, mom was hoping for the addition of drawers and I saw how the space could be edited for baby-sized clothing. You can see the gaping holes in these before images…

I was able to add two sections of drawers – one on the left and right. I adjusted the hanging sections and shelves as well…

These edits were easy to complete and the result was more function and space!

I frequently hear that the price point of this system is high, but I can promise you there is no better investment because of the product benefits. I believe the benefits outweigh any negative thought or doubt you may have about going with Elfa.

I created a video of the edit process that you can see right here!…

If you aren’t following us on YouTube, we’d love to have you!

By the way, I wanted to remind you that I am available to design Elfa for you and your spaces. If you are interested, you can complete the client inquiry form on the website. I have created very unique designs for the most challenging spaces and I love pushing the envelope with what is possible!

You can find some links to Elfa throughout this post, or you can find it all here on the Container Store website!

Back again soon guys – so many projects and things to share!



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