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Mar 15

last week we talked about getting your scrapbook goals down on paper and i shared a free printable to help you do that. in case you missed it, you can find that post and printable here!

now that i have my scrapbook goals down on paper, i figured it was time to get those photo album goals written down as well. i find that i reach my goals faster when they are out of my head and on paper where i can see them. i’m a visual girl – maybe you function the same way.

each year i put together a pretty and simple annual family photo album. my personal favorite albums are from exposures. i shared all about how i organize my photos throughout the year in preparation for that big album right here. so, if you missed that post, take a look.

i finally ordered the rest of our december 2011 photos and am ready to get this box of photos into an album…


our 2011 photos are ready to be booked, but i am still working my way backwards now that i disassembled the scrapbooks i created a few years ago. after i took the books apart, my head was spinning. to help me stay on track, i created this simple and easy photo album goal printable….

and guess what? i’m going to share it with you – for FREE!


you can download it right here!


i hope i’m inspiring you to not only get your photo album and scrapbook goals down on paper, but also aiming toward getting those memory books completed! if you do download either of these printable’s, i would love to hear your progress!


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  1. Hi do you mind me asking how do you upload free printable to the blog?

    Thank you

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