May 2

happy wednesday, friends!
it’s been a while since i’ve shared a “15 or less” with you. have i stopped doing them? never. as mother’s/women we probably do 10 of these, if not more, each day! it’s in our nature. i find most of my cleaning and organization jobs are small little tasks that i complete when a random bit of time pops up. i wish i could photograph more of what i’m doing in order to share with you, but life is busy – for all of us!
however, the reason i do enjoy sharing a few of my small tasks is to encourage you that even the busiest mother’s and women have less than 15 minutes to knock something small off the list. i’m living proof of that! our family has an insane schedule at the moment, but when i dedicate a little bit of time and set a timer, amazing what i can get done!
so, over the last few days i have managed to get the following small tasks completed. and it feels great!
(did i tell you that’s a side-effect to 15 or less? that great feeling? jump on it, people!)
** while the kids were eating lunch i sorted through our tupperware drawer. i removed old pieces and items without a matching lid/bottom, and then re-organized…

while the kids were riding bikes in the driveway (yes, i’m the queen of multi-tasking – any time my kids seem to be occupied and happy, i look around to see what i can get done quickly in that area of the house), i cleaned and re-organized the garage fridge…

this fridge/freezer holds most of our sport drinks, extra milk and oj, soda and beer for entertaining, and freezer foods that don’t fit in the kitchen freezer. the inside of the fridge had taken a beating recently with all of our soccer and baseball games. so i wiped out the entire inside and straightened up the contents.

** while spring cleaning inside my closet last week, i put away our heavy down comforter and pulled out our light summer quilt…

** finally, and most importantly, i cleaned my purse!…

last year i treated myself to a new purse for mother’s day. i had been using a diaper bag as a purse for 7 years….it was long overdue! i figured since our daughter had just turned one, i could keep a small diaper bag in the car and switch to a real purse.

when i purchased my new purse, i promised i would never allow the kids snacks or sippy cups to end up inside it. best laid plans, right? we know those moments pop up. and what do you know, our daughter’s milk cup dribbled inside my purse…

it was a snap to clean with some mild dawn dish soap. since i was cleaning the inside, i figured i would clean the leather as well…

check out the after – much better!…

speaking of cleaning my purse, on friday i’ll have a full post on cleaning and organizing a purse! i hope you’ll come back to read all about it – and share your own purse tips! i love to see the inside of any purse 🙂
have i inspired you to accomplish one small task today?
have a great day!

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  1. Great post, I really need to do something like this

  2. Nadia says:

    nice. these kind of posts encourage me to do the same! i also love a good purse post!!

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