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Apr 30

when i have an organizational challenge, i don’t get frustrated. i get excited about researching a solution to solve the problem. my recent challenge was in our laundry room and last week i discovered an easy answer.

our laundry room has great cabinets to hide away supplies. among them, there is a tall cabinet intended for items like mops, an upright vacuum and an ironing board…

the problem was either our ironing board is not a standard size (too tall) or the cabinet wasn’t built to accommodate the length of a collapsed ironing board. not sure which was the issue, but bottom line was in order to get the ironing board into this cabinet, it had to be placed on a slant.

that was annoying because…

1. the contents looked awful when i opened the cabinet doors,

2. in order to get out the ironing board (or anything else, for that matter) i had to remove several items,

3. the slanted ironing board took up a lot more room because of it’s sitting position. what a waste of precious space!


4. when i know how un-organized the inside of a cabinet is, it gets under my skin. even though the cabinet is closed, *i* still know what it looks like.

and because getting that ironing board out was such a drag, i wasn’t apt to do much ironing. when it’s not convenient to access, why bother – right?

to solve the immediate issue, i moved the ironing board to a corner of our laundry room. removing it at least allowed the rest of the items in this cabinet to breathe….

then i began my search for solutions to solve the problem. there was no shortage of organizer ideas to be found on amazon or the container store’s website. but i ended up finding my answer while browsing the aisles of bed, bath & beyond…

bb&b sells this for $9.99, but using one of their 20% off coupons brought my total to $7.99 – yay! (by the way – the container store sells this one for $11.99 – you can save $3 on the exact same product at bb&b with their coupon!)
finally, here was the answer to my organization challenge…

the board and iron fit great behind our laundry room door…

the over the door hook is the right size for our door thickness and it has a low-profile. meaning, it’s barely noticeable from the other side…especially when closed…

problem solved!
if you are looking for a better way to store you ironing board, this type of organizer may work for you. or any other solution that helps get that bulky ironing board out of a cabinet, off of your floor or out of a corner somewhere in your home. it’s just a matter of preference in terms of the actual organizer. there are so many to choose from!
i guess now i have no excuse but to do more ironing. 🙂

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  1. Awesome. Great fix. Love the color of your cabinets in your laundry room. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Eva says:

    Ok, what a funny coincedence. Just this weekend I was wondering where I could house my ironing board since I use it on our 3rd floor but need to stow it when Olivia is playing in the room. We have a closet and this will be the ideal solution. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

    • ahhhh, so funny!!! glad this little tip was able to help you! let me know if you buy one and how it works out!

      isn't the ironing board such a big nuisance? so big and cumbersome…but we need it!

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