spring cleaning: mommy’s closet

Apr 27

what feels better than walking into your clean, organized closet? everything for that season within reach. you’ve purged the items you don’t wear any longer. you’ve packed away those bulky winter pieces. maybe you’re ready to do some shopping to update your wardrobe and replace what was purged?

well, i am so happy to report – i am there today!

i’m finally ready for the current warm spring weather and upcoming hot summer weather. because i spent about 90 minutes going through my closet this week. and it feels great to have this project off the old list!

welcome to my clean and organized closet…

i love before and afters! here is the right side…

the middle…

and the left side…

as far as what is going on in the cabinet and drawers? here is my sock and pj drawer…

my bathing suit drawer…

and i packed away my winter clothing in the bottom drawer…

the cabinet above holds dressy sweaters that i don’t like to hang along with a few accessories…

as you can see, i’m not a hoarder of clothing. i have a very easy-going, simple, no-fuss style. this is mainly due to having 2 active boys and a 2 year old that keeps me on my toes. during the summer i love to wear comfy dresses, shorts and tank tops, and flip flops. during the winter i wear comfy, but cute, sweatsuits, jeans and classic long sleeve tops, and ugg boots. this year i promised myself i would focus on updating my wardrobe and look. now that i have thoroughly gone through my closet, i know exactly what i need.

time to go shopping! πŸ™‚

i won’t be sharing a spring cleaning story about my husband’s side of the closet. it generally always looks like this…

he is a highly organized person, as well – so his side of the closet rarely changes from this neat and tidy appearance.

the final *out* result = 1 large bag of donations and 1 small stack for the garage sale…

our family’s clothing closets are now ready for warm weather. yay – bring on the pool!

have you spent any time cleaning your closets this season?

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  1. What an awesome closet. I wish I had that much space. You might have inspired me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really need to organize our closet and the kids closet. Thanks for sharing

  3. Colleen says:

    First I wish my husband was organized like that. Yours looks great. I have to do mine soon too and I'm looking forward to the shopping part where I can replenish!

    • hi colleen,

      i know! i am pretty lucky to have an organized hubby. it would be terrible to have me as the organizer and him as the messer-upper :-). good thing we have 3 little ones to take on that job. haha!

      i am also looking forward to the shopping part. i'm ready to get rid of some of my mommy uniform clothing and get myself up with the times. there are so many cute fashions out there – and i want to buy some for myself! πŸ™‚

      thanks again!

  4. wow!!! First, your closet looks amazing! Second… I thought my ceilings were tall at 9 feet, yours are super super tall! How great to have a third rod up top! Congrats on the closet makeover!

    • hi ashley!

      thank you so much for coming by and commenting here! so nice to *meet* you! πŸ™‚

      yes, we have very high ceilings throughout the house. it has made decorating a big challenge for me too! thank you very much – i am happy with the closet results too! it has made getting ready this summer much easier.

      thanks again!

  5. CAS says:

    We have a very similar size closet — now I have some good ideas!

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