simple solution: quietly dry your sneakers

Jul 3

having kids, and an overall active lifestyle for our entire family, means sometimes our sneakers need a thorough wash in the washing machine. i love fresh clean sneakers/tennis shoes, but i don’t love the sound of them rumbling around in the dryer. and i’m pretty sure that can’t be good for the machine or the shoes.
last week, after a long lawn mowing session, my husband dropped his grummy tennis shoes in the laundry room and asked if i could wash them. the first thing that came to mind was “ugh! the racket that will be going on in the laundry room for more than an hour.”…. as if we already don’t have enough noise in our home to contend with :-)…


there are definitely times when we can let our sneakers air dry, but sometimes we need our shoes dried quickly. so, into the dryer they go.
a few days ago, while browsing through the organization section of walmart, this package caught my eye…
*insert an image of me dancing in the aisle with all 3 kids*
someone was really thinking when they invented this gem!

it’s a small mesh bag that velcro’s in your sneakers. not only can you put them through the washing machine in this bag, but when you are done washing….using the built-in velcro straps, you simply attach the bag to the dryer door.

which means no more racket!

here are my hubby’s shoes getting dry…

if you have a front loading dryer like me, it’s a tight fit…but it works! this mesh bag would work perfectly on a square dryer door. but this is proof that it did work on my front loader with a round door…

i also love that the bag is small and compact once folded…


when i was done, i tucked the bag away in my laundry supply box on top of the dryer…

such a simple solution to a loud noise. and it was less than $5! go ahead, run out to walmart and buy one!

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  1. norrrraaaa says:

    Awesome!! Thanks for the tip. I had no idea they made bags for shoe drying.

  2. smcardle says:

    Genius! Speaking of laundry, I'm anxiously awaiting your tips on getting rid of the smell from front-loading washing machines.

  3. What a great invention, I have to head to Wal Mart and get me one of those bags. I hate the noise the shoes make when drying them . Thank you for sharing

    • hi shirley!

      i don't know why this keeps happening, but all of your comments are pushed into my spam box. ??? sorry it has taken me a while to respond to your last several comments!

      glad this idea will help you!


  4. Our front loader came with a shoe rack that you use to dry your sneakers. I have never used it because I have been lucky so far to be able to wash them at night so they are air dried by morning. I am still going to get one of these because I think there are other things I can put in it to dry. Thanks so much for the Target free sample site info. I love it and the coupons.
    Have a safe and fun 4th.

    • hi cathy,

      wow! that is cool that the dryer came with a shoe drying rack – very smart! yes, there are other items you can put in the bag, i'm sure.

      you're welcome for the target sample tip – i love their coupons AND free samples πŸ™‚

      thanks again,

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