Laundry Room Tour + My Favorite Organization Tips

Mar 13

Welcome to our temporary laundry room!…

reeeeeally love this laundry room. If I have the opportunity to build-out or re-do a laundry space in my next home, this space will be my model. For me, it has just enough cabinets, great features and a good flow for the way I do laundry and clean a home. I also love the white cabinets and light gray wall paint. It feels clean, light and airy and has a window…just the way you want to feel when you’re doing laundry or cleaning.

While I love our washer/dryer, I’ve noticed in the previous house the units stick out quite a bit. This makes it difficult to access those cabinets above. Wanted to mention in case you’re in the market for a new washer/dryer.

Directly across from the washer/dryer is an awesome storage closet…

In here I store brooms, mops, vacuums, and larger cleaning supplies. Charlie’s litter box hides away in this space too. And there’s a rod for hanging items that need to air-dry.

Since most of our items are stored away for the move, these cabinets are sitting relatively empty. Because cleaning supplies can’t be transported in moving trucks, I’m thinning out the supply in order to have minimal leftover. Whatever remains will be passed on to friends. Anyway, I think this is a great amount of cabinet space for a laundry room. Here is the inside of just a few…



Now that you’ve seen a bit, thought I’d share some of my favorite laundry organization tips as well as products and features I’ve found helpful.
In one of the photos above you saw this cute chalkboard…

My laundry motto is “just one load per day”. Writing it on this board from time to time helps keep me motivated. Everyone operates differently when it comes to laundry and believe you should do what works best for you and your lifestyle. Some get all of their laundry done in one day. Others prefer to do laundry a few times a week. Some of us like one load per day. I’ve tried variations over the years and when it comes to getting laundry done with kids in the house…doing one load per day works for me. Sometimes I have more energy and get 2 loads done in a day. Just depends. But I don’t put the pressure on – one load seems doable. And doing one load allows me to iron a few items if needed. If I did 2-3 loads (or more) in a day, the stack of ironing left over would drive me nuts.

When I do one load – it’s one complete load….wash, dry, fold, iron if needed, and put away.

As far as organizing the dirty clothing, I have a small laundry basket in each closet. After I drop the kids off at school or on a weekend morning, I grab one of their baskets and walk through the house to locate dirty clothing, dish towels or bathing/hand towels. I gather up whatever needs to be washed and bring it down to the laundry room…

Once it’s here, I sort and do a load of whatever there is enough of to create one big load…colors, whites or towels/bedding. What remains, stays in this white laundry basket for the next days load…

I return the hamper I used to the room it was found. Typically I use that hamper to gather up toys or other items along the way. This is pretty much daily because I have 3 kids that love toys and love to not keep them in the playroom. Laundry baskets are great for grabbing stuff to put away.

The white laundry basket is also used to hold whatever clothes have been cleaned, folded and are ready to be put away.

Doing one load per day seems to keep the clothing department running smoothly.

Here are some laundry room organization products i love and below this image you can see how i’ve used them in my own home…

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

These don’t cost a bunch and help keep your laundry room organized.

Several months ago I assembled a laundry supply box…

It’s been a handy tool when it comes to doing laundry. You can read more about the contents here, where I how it was assembled. The contents are pretty much the same. This box has saved me from the need to reach for a step stool in order to access the cabinets above the washer/dryer. I love having everything I need for laundry in one convenient spot.

In case you were wondering where I keep the laundry detergent, it’s hidden away under the dryer…

I have two battery organizers and they’re equally awesome…

I know, “battery organizers?” you ask. Yes. I store all of the opened battery packages in the clear organizers. The large oversized packages that haven’t been opened are in the blue bin.

Getting mops and brooms up off the floor is a space saver. Here’s the utility organizer from my previous home. It was left behind for the new owners because they loved it. It’s only $10 – $20 so I’ll buy a new one when we move…

if you have an ironing board getting in the way, an over the door board hanger is great. Or you can install a system on the wall, if you have the space to do that. I have an over the door ironing board holder…

However, it’s currently in storage because this rental house has one of the most awesome laundry room features eva! Another item I’ll add to my dream home wish list…check this out!…

Behind that unsuspecting cabinet is this beauty…

A fold-down ironing board.

But there’s more!

Look at this…

It’s wired into the wall to plug in your iron and turn on an additional light source.


It’s not a reasonably priced home appliance…you can find it here for about $500. But if you really wanted to save your pennies and some space in your home, it’s pretty darn cool!…


For those with children (or bigger clumsy children), there is a hook inside to secure the ironing board. In case your child opened that cabinet, the ironing board will not flop down onto their head.


Hope you enjoyed my little tour and tips!

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  1. Gates 8105 says:

    I love laundry rooms and this is just wonderful! The ironing board is to die for! I thought I was the only one who still ironed!

    • haha! me, too! i actually don't mind ironing. i throw on my ipod or call someone i haven't spoken with for a while, and iron away. or sometimes i just get lost doing it. 🙂

      i do love this ironing board and will hopefully be able to incorporate it into our next house. it's awesome!


  2. Simply LKJ says:

    What a great space. I so wish I had room for that built in ironing board!! Our laundry is so small…you have to leave the room to change your mind.

  3. gale says:

    Great tips! Where did you get the basket w/ the liners for your closet laundry hampers? I love the idea of using one type for dirty and another type for clean laundry.

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