Master Closet Build-Out

Sep 13

Completely-over-the-moon-smitten-thrilled doesn’t adequately describe my feelings about the results of this master closet build-out. Nope, doesn’t even come close. Could be the fact I’m excited to have a closet after months of living out of suitcases and wardrobe boxes. Could be desperation after digging daily through piles and piles of clothing stacked on folding tables.

Oh, and get rid of those boxes and folding tables. That will make me pretty darn happy too! 😉

To truly appreciate the end result, I must share the before shots once more. Here was the closet when I purchased the house. This photo always makes me say “hummmm?”…..



Here we are after a fresh coat of new paint (wall color is Behr Irish mist. Trim color Swiss coffee.)…







Here is how I was living for the last almost 2 months…





Nice, huh? Glamorous, no? Those wardrobe boxes definitely got a workout and paid for themselves two times over.

In case you missed my talk about the dreams for this master closet, you can find that right here. I received a few quotes from big name closet companies, but ultimately ended up with a local company. I was more than happy with their customer service and the end result! Plus, anytime I can support local businesses, sign up up.

The closet was on order 4-5 weeks ago. I couldn’t wait until September 11, when the closet was scheduled for installation. The morning of, I was up early. Before even having my first cup of coffee, I hauled everything out into the master bedroom…


The installers arrived around 9am and worked through the day until 6pm to finish the job. It was hard to contain myself during the day. I wanted to stay out of their way, but I was hopping around downstairs hoping to catch a peek. Around 1, when they took a lunch break, I couldn’t take it anymore and snuck upstairs to snap a few pics of the progress…




Between what my eyes were seeing and the smell of freshly cut wood? Someone get me a glass of ice water and a fan. 😉

As if I wasn’t already blown away, next came the end result. Finally! Are you ready for the final result? Squeeee! So excited to share these images!….



i simply can’t get over how much this system changes the space….

A valet bar (to hang clothing for the next day)…

Belt rack…

Tie or scarf rack…

Both pull out for ease of finding/grabbing….

All of the clothing bars and shelving is adjustable…

The one change i may make? More shoe shelves. Those would be the slanted shelves down toward the bottom. There are these 4 plus 3 more under the window, but not sure that will accommodate what I have going on over here…


As I’m loading up the space, I’ll make the determination. I may also add a few more shelves so that items don’t end up stacked super high. The beauty of a system like this is that you can change, add or remove anything to make it truly custom and to fit your needs. Since the company has my dimensions on file, all I have to do is make the call and they’ll be on order.

Long hanging (for dresses) in the corner…


The peninsula…

5 drawers on each side…

On the front of the peninsula there is 2 drawers…

With 2 removable hampers directly underneath….


The crown and base moulding make it appear as if this system has been here all along….



Wanna guess what i’ll be up to this weekend? Yes, unloading boxes and boxes of clothing. And maybe making a few trips to the recycling center so I don’t have to see this cardboard anymore. 😉

Next week I’ll be back to share a completed, filled closet…with new slim-line, non-slip hangers.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Wow! That is awesome! Have fun organizing!

  2. sucia01 says:

    Gorgeous! I love it. I'm all about my clothing being in some order.

    And I love how you can really see everything it will help you to really evaluate when you buy clothes what you REALLY need.

    Huggable hangers are your friends. I bought them when we bought our home 7 years ago (back when you couldn't only buy them on HSN). Great investment!

    Is it wrong I want to come over and help you fold sweaters. I fold sweaters like nobody's business!

  3. Emily C says:

    Looks amazing! I love it so much!

  4. OH my goodness, this is so gorgeous!!!! You are going to have fun putting all your clothes away 🙂 XXOO

  5. Day Old News says:

    I am going to die of jealousy/admiration when I see this finish and filled with clothes. It looks incredible!!!

  6. Bear Girl says:

    Just incredible and beautiful too. WOW WOW WOW. I cannot wait to see it again next weekend. xo, Genah

  7. envy envy envy!!! i cant wait till i can do something like that one day

  8. Olivia says:

    Oh my gosh…I have never been so jealous of something before 🙂 This is incredible! A girls dream!!! Can't wait to see it all filled and organized.

  9. Melissa says:

    Love the new walk in wardrobe! Can't wait to see it all filled up 🙂 I'm looking at building a walk in wardrobe and you have given me some ideas with the valet bar and sliding belt/scarf rack. When designing the room how did you determine how much hanging / shelving you needed? Was this based off a previous wardrobe?

    • yes, i did base it off previous closets. i've had 3 over the last several years so i knew pretty well what was needed in this house. we hang most of our stuff so i knew i wanted a lot of hanging space, but also a good amount of shelves too. thankfully the space was big enough to offer me the option of having both. we have a dresser that we don't use anymore…so that solidified the fact hanging was a good way to go. this company also offers the option to change components when i feel like it. eventually i'll need more shoe storage so all i need to do is call them to ask for more shoe shelves. hope that helps answer for you!

  10. This is awesome, can't wait to see it all filled up!!!

  11. truthbtold says:

    Hum I am cuious how much did somthing like this cost ? No one ever tells what the bottom line is. It is beautiful and anyone would be proud to have this wonderful storage. Is this a converted room ? What are the dementions of this room .

    • hi! oh, i am all about the bottom line too and don't mind at all sharing what the costs are for a project like this. another reader recently asked me for a list of costs for everything i'm doing here and i'm thinking about sharing that.

      so, this was an actual closet…not an old room or anything. the previous owners added on this wing of the house but never finished the closet build-out. it cost me about $7,000. i know – steep! however, i wanted it done right and to appear as a true built-in. like it had always been there. i investigated other companies (they were in excess of $10k and up – way up!) and also looked at the container store options. but i didn't like the idea of elfa in this closet. i installed elfa in the other 4 bedrooms and they work great in there. but this space was a real walk-in closet and a built-in was the way to do this.

      the room 16' x 10'.

      hope that helps!!!

  12. truthbtold says:

    Thanks I think you got your moneys worth . Especially if they stand behind the work and products used. Are the storage units obs or mdf ? Or real ply wood construction ? Thanks for sharing the additional iinformation. It helps the rest of us know what it would take in a real budget . Your very kind .

    • Sorry it took me so long to reply! Yes, this is real wood, not MDF. And each piece is custom made to fit this space…which is why I ended up going with this company over the more popular company that everyone knows. I am always happy to share everything – I'm an open book! Some jobs are definitely going to cost more money. I call myself simply organized, but when it comes to constructing something for the long haul in your home, I believe in going with the best possible product that will last forever. And sometimes that costs more money than I would like to spend. 🙂

  13. Ryan Lewis says:

    Hi…would you mind telling me the dimensions of the peninsula cabinets? I think that is such a great idea and the first I have ever seen anything like it….I like it so much better than an island!

    • Hi!

      I was of the island mindset too! Until the company came to take measurements – she was actually the one to suggest a peninsula as opposed to the island and I couldn't be happier with her suggestion. Makes so much sense in this space! Please let me know the cabinet dimensions you'd like and I'm happy to supply them for you. You can always shoot me an e-mail to discuss quicker too – I am happy to chat about it on the phone too!


  14. jess says:

    What company did you use to have this put in?

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