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Apr 30

I’m anxious to finish up a few home improvement projects so that I can instead get my hands into a few organization projects. The home improvements are wearing me down! I’ve been in “home improvement” mode since purchasing the house last June. I literally hit the ground running the day the house closed…and it hasn’t stopped since. A lot has been accomplished and I’m proud of how many improvements have been made, but once this wave of improvements is complete – it’s time for more balance.

To be completely honest with myself, I know I will always be in some phase of home improvement. I enjoy updating a home or fixing things that don’t work well. But these major home improvements are what is weighing on me. Mainly the pool and landscaping jobs. With summer on its way in though, it’s the perfect time to take it down a notch and work on projects that get me fired up = organization!

And I have many fun organization ideas to tackle and share in the coming weeks / months!

Today, however, I’m here to give you a quick update on a few outdoor and patio projects. Since the patio is almost done, I’m getting into the nitty gritty of making the space even more inviting. I have a few inspiration photos to share on that topic.

But let’s first begin with the brick work that was wrapped up this week. You’ll remember this dead space between the screened-in patio and backyard brick path…


I don’t know how the previous owners lived without a pad of some kind between the two spaces. My concrete genius, who helped create the front driveway and brick path that continues around the left side yard, popped over and in less than an hour created this…


Aaahhhh – much better, right? It will look even better once there is ground cover on either side.

He also repaired the last of the broken bricks by the right side gate…

About 2 feet of brick work was demolished during the pool renovations, the addition of the concrete path, and the fence removal / rebuild. This brick path meets up to the new concrete path on the other side of the fence….

Now it’s all better. No more jagged edges or broken bricks to stumble or trip on.

There were updates in the screened in patio over the last week too. I’ve enjoyed watching this room transform during the last several weeks. Started here…


First I cleaned up the space by adding a fresh coat of paint…

Then I added carpet tiles

Brought back in my original patio table, with added new chair cushions…

Then I purchased a new sectional


Next up on the to-do list was adding lighting and a mounted tv. That’s where I left off and where this update continues.

What once was an empty wall…

Now holds a tv. I’m sorry, scratch that. More like a tv that can be seen from outer space. Geez!

Seriously though, fall & football season can’t come fast enough for this lady!…

Oh, and our southern friends too! When their temps and humidity soar to unbearable limits this summer, you know they’ll be traveling west to SF. And I’ll be here to take care of them!

Recessed lighting was added. I added 6 cans, but think 2 additional cans may work better…

Currently there are 2 sets of 2 over the table and 1 set of 2 over the sectional. Since a new switch with a dimmer was added, 2 more lights aren’t going to hurt anything…

We also re-did the outlet up high in this corner…

There was no reason to have an outlet sticking out like that, so we replaced it with one that is flush with the wall…

Of course, I’ll have to re-paint what was just painted. Ha! At least my paint is organized and easy to locate!

The flood lights outside the patio door were also replaced. What was once this mess, with exposed wiring…

Is now correctly installed, up to date, outdoor floods…that I can turn on / off from inside the house!…


This was another one of those things that made me scratch my head…the indoor switch for the previous flood lights didn’t work. You had to manually turn them on / off on the actual outdoor light.


Problem resolved and that’s what matters!

Those are the updates to share. Now let’s move on to some inspiration as I work out the last bit of details for the patio.

In my original plans, I hoped to add wall sconces and / or hanging lights of some kind. You can see my lighting ideas here…

Sadly, both ideas didn’t work out because of the low ceilings and the sconces would be unbalanced on either side of both sets of french doors. It wasn’t going to work. So I went with the recessed lights, but am still thinking about the light strings, also seen above in my inspiration board. I found a few great string lights at Target and plan on hanging them soon, once the additional 2 recessed lights are added. In the meantime I’m been looking for lighting inspiration and love these gorgeous lighted patios…

I could keep sharing pictures but you catch my string light drift. While I am usually a symmetry kinda gal, I like the way the strings hang on a diagonal. I’ll play around with the lights and see what happens. Who knows! And I love the simplicity of the small round bulbs.
Am also considering wall decor as well as a small serving type table. The wall where the pool organizer currently sits (this will move soon) is the perfect spot for a nice wall hanging and sideboard…
I have one wall hanging that has potential for the space. This is an oversized iron candle holder…
It used to hang over the master tub in the Little Rock house…
It’s huge! And I don’t have a wall in the house where it makes sense. Or a wall that’s big enough. So maybe it’s new home was meant to be out here on the patio??
Sidenote: Wow – brown walls!?!?! Can I tell you how happy I am to be living in my current paint color palate!!  Much brighter and happier to me!
Back to the patio, I’m thinking the iron candle wall hanging could work on one of the two available walls. I’m also on the hunt for a nice mirror. Thinking the mirror could be the wall hanging over a future serving table.  A sideboard / table like this…
A sideboard with enough space to set platters of food or drinks. I’d like something fairly narrow that won’t stick out too far with the patio table right next to it.
Is your head spinning as I share all these ideas and thoughts? Mine is!
But wait, there’s more head spinning coming at ya! Take that dose of dramamine. Let’s chat sectional throw pillows for a minute. Ha!
Again, in my original plans, I had hoped for a lighter colored sectional. After living in dark dark dark at the old house, I am into lighter and brighter. After smacking myself in the forehead, I remembered there are 3 kids living here. And they have little friends. The idea of a light colored couch with (a lot of) kids around and the pool and eating and BBQing…just made sense to go darker with the base couch color and add lighter accents. Good thing most places have outdoor throw pillows on sale right now. I even found some at our local Costco! Not the right color, but these can be located for a reasonable price.
Here are some throw pillows I’m crushing on….
(both via)
I love allllllll of these…not a bad one in the bunch…
Patio is still a work in progress, but it’s definitely come a long way. I’m down to just the small details at this point. If you have any outdoor pillow, sidebar or wall hanging suggestions, throw them my way! I love your style too!Have a great day!!


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  1. Sarah Spain says:

    Long time lurker, first time commenter: I have been watching your patio and back yard transformations with complete and utter jealousy! We're currently in a condo and I'm just so excited to move and get a backyard! You've supplied me with so many wonderful ideas for when I do have a backyard – but this just threw me over the edge: FAIRY LIGHTS on the PATIO. LOVE! I need to move tomorrow!

  2. Zoe T says:

    I am all for fairy lights in patios! I'm for fairy lights everywhere. I've loved watching this transformation too, you're so clever with the space you have! Zoe x

  3. sara says:

    Love it! And I'm on the look out for those type of lights for our backyard. Let me know what you find 🙂

  4. sara says:

    Love the transformation! I'm on the look out for those exact type of lights for our back yard. Let me know when you find them 🙂

  5. Denise says:

    How big is the patio? Absolutely beautiful!

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