Keeping It Real: Custom Drawer Dividers

Apr 28

Soooooo, remember when I shared my post about these awesome custom drawer dividers?

I said they were a “simple diy” and even shared a video on my You Tube channel explaining why I wanted to use these and how easy they were to snap…

Well, I am all about keeping it real – in real life and on the blog. I would never recommend a product to you knowing how it could / would fail if I knew that was even possible. I post in the moment over here. What you see on the blog is what’s happening in real time. So, after sharing that blog post and video with you guys and happily skipping away knowing my drawers that used to look like this…..

now looked like this…

Guesst what?…full disclosure…4 weeks later those same drawers looked like this again!…


Cue the screaming lady running in circles pulling her hair out.

Actually, of all the drawers I organized with this product, these were the only 2 that were struggling. The other drawers have held up beautifully. I was banging my head against the wall trying to figure out what could be causing the issue in only these 2 drawers. After some careful watching over a few days I realized the issues…

1. These 2 drawers get a lot of use and because they are old and not on newly updated, smooth rollers, there is a lot of banging and shoving and slamming. Esp with kids going in and out of them.

2. The adhesive grippers that hold the panels in place weren’t “adhesive enough”. Some were sticking well, others were just barely holding onto the drawer sides.

3. Not blaming anyone living here (a-hem), but things weren’t going back into the correct spaces. I created the dividers to fit specific items or groups of items. But I’m not the only one doing chores around here, so things were getting crammed into spaces that weren’t for them. That normally wouldn’t have been a big issue…but with #1 and #2 above, it wasn’t helping matters.

After my very analyzed (ha!) assessment, I did a quick re-do and am pretty sure I’ve figured out the remedy. If you followed my lead, purchased these dividers, installed them, and are now having issues with them staying upright….add more adhesive! It works! I used the Command Adhesive products but I used their thin strips. Not the strips that have velcro and require 2 strips attached to one another. That will be too thick. I used these…

I just attached them to the adhesive grippers and that has given them the extra sturdy hold required to keep them upright…

You can see it there behind the gripper.

Looking much better now in their “take 2″…


If you’ve been having issues with these dividers, grab some adhesive or double sided tape even to fix this minor issue. I still very much believe in these dividers and am not throwing in the towel on them just yet.

Rest assured, I will always keep it real in here. If I have recommended something and it doesn’t work, I’m going to be honest and update you.

Let me know if you’ve had this issue too…and share what remedy worked for you!

Have a great day!!


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  1. Keitha M says:

    I luv the fact that you did an update! Cause this is real life! I really appreciate you doing it. Thanks

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