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May 5

After months of mulling over kitchen barstool options, I finally smacked myself in the forehead and remembered the kitchen will be remodeled in the next year or two. So why was I making myself crazy over what could be a simple decision?

My current kitchen counter only seats 2 comfortably. But the remodeled kitchen will definitely have room for more people at the counter. While I wanted stools now for the part-time, they didn’t have to be the stools I end up with in the new kitchen. We take good care of our things and they can easily be sold after the kitchen remodel. Or maybe they do end up keepers and it’s just a matter of ordering more stools. Either way, all I needed was 2 stools for now. And they didn’t need to be fancy!
Coming to this reality helped me pull the trigger on a pretty little set from Pottery Barn. A set that matches the current kitchen table chairs.
What I really wanted was something different, like this beauty with a little nail-head trim…
Or this one
While I could have bought something more elaborate, like the above options, they also came with a hefty price tag = anywhere from $500 and +. Ouch! Since the kitchen remodel is impending, why not purchase something to get us through until that time?
Duh, Sam!
Anyway, check out my new (much more affordable but still gorgeous) kitchen stools…

I settled on the Aaron Barstool from Pottery Barn in Vintage Spruce. I also purchased a couple black and white ticking stripe cushions (that are currently on sale for $14.99 each!)…

So happy with this stool!…

With the wall color and other home furnishings, the stools pull in something more natural. My wall colors are very light gray tones. I worried if I bought something white they would just fade into the room. These add something more and I love how comfortable they are.
The kids love sitting here for meals…or should I say fighting over them. There’s 3 of them and only 2 stools, so we’ve had to work out a system. Nothing is ever easy, right? Ha!
As I was taking photos of the stools, I couldn’t help but look back at how the kitchen has evolved since purchasing the house in June. Look at these before shots….
And in its current, much brighter, homier, lighter state…




You can see the barstools match the kitchen chairs. I have owned this table, also from Pottery Barn (maybe a discontinued table – the Harvest, I believe??), since 2007. It has held up beautifully and love how it fits in this new kitchen space…


You may have noticed there is a wall-hanging in the kitchen. Can you believe it?! I am finally getting around to some wall-hanging’s. It’s slow-going because framed photos need to be updated, but it’s coming along. I’ll have a full recap on the latest wall-hanging’s another time, but here’s where I’m at right now…





Oh, and one more wall-hanging to share. A tv in the living room…
The decor on the table below it will be changed up soon, pay no mind to that.
This is another room that’s come a long way since August. Before….
And now…



Yup, that’s a wall-hanging tucked behind the couch. I’m still deciding if I want that one there. The photo used to hang where the tv is now hanging….so, as you can see….still a ways to go in the wall-hanging dept. But that’s ok. All in time.
In the meantime I am loving these new stools!…


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  1. love the "brother will you" wall hanging – can i ask you where you got it from?

  2. […] and did you spy my new kitchen table cushions? My ticking stripe cushions, that match the new bar stools, arrived just in time for this weekend’s celebration. Love […]

  3. Elaine says:

    I like the Aaron barstools. You say that you bought the cushions at Pottery Barn, but their website says that their cushions don’t fit these chairs. Could you give me more info on which cushions you got?

    • Samantha says:

      So strange – I did purchase my stool cushions from PB and they fit great! I purchased the ticking stripe cushions when they were on sale for $15 each. I think they are these…


      They hang over the front just very slightly – not enough to notice. Otherwise they fit perfectly and I’ve loved them!


      • Caragh says:

        I Sam, your kitchen looks great! I’m also curious about your bar stool cushions. Which size did you purchase? Glad to know they fit well! I was hesitant to purchase since PB said they didn’t fit. Thanks!

        • Rebecca says:

          Hi there! Did she ever get back to you… or did you ever buy any that worked? I am stuck between the medium and medium/large cushions from Pottery Barn and need some insight! They’re on sale right now so if I buy them, they’re non-returnable! Thank you 🙂

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