Organized Rainbow Looms

May 7

Do you have a loom-lover in your life? I do. Not sure how much longer this genius trend will be around (Seriously, why didn’t I think of this?!). But while we have looms in our house, they must be organized. Sure, I’ll still find little bands on the floor….look out vacuum…but at least they’ll be contained.

For the most part. Ha!

When Santa brought us looms last year (in the kid’s stockings), I noticed that our local toy store was selling a personalized compartment organizer to contain the bands and tools. Someone was sitting at the front entrance of the toy store, and as you walked in you just let them know your child’s name and interests. While you were shopping, they personalized the organizer for you with a name, designs and decals.

Cute idea, yes. But they were charging a whopping $20 (and up depending on size) for the organizer.

Now, you guys know that I love compartment organizers. I’ve been using them for years and have shared several organization projects here on the blog where I have used them. They are seriously the perfect solution for containing itty bitty items. So, while it’s genius to organize looms in a compartment organizer…I wasn’t willing to fork over $20+ for one. Especially when I know my local hardware store sells them for $5!

Because I’m such a “pro” at this organization thing (ha!), check out how we had been organizing these little bits….

So proud, right?

Were they a little organized? Yes. Each color was in a small ziploc bag and then all of the small bags were contained in one large ziploc bag. This wasn’t making creativity very easy on the loom lovers around here. So I grabbed this 13-compartment organizer over the weekend…

Added some bright Astrobrights Papers to several little sections…

Then filled the containers with matching colored looms and tools…

So colorful….and contained…


The organizer has enough space for ongoing loom projects too…

And a spot for those tee-niny c-clips….

And because I’m such a crazy control freak (#truth), you’ll notice that entire bag of looms isn’t crammed in to this organizer. The overflow bands are still stocked away like this…

Put away for safe keeping until the compartment organizer needs re-filling. I’m hoping this system will keep my sanity…and vacuum…happy.


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  1. Kelley says:

    Question…at what point do you toss the bracelets that have been made at forgotten about. They are ALL OVER my house…

  2. Christina says:

    What are the dimensions of that Plano box? I like it!

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