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Jul 2

I have plans to fix a few issues with the master bathroom shower, but in the meantime I needed a solution.
What exactly is wrong in here?
1. I need to add some kind of shelving to keep the products up off the tile seat. You can see all of the shower items sitting on the seat here…

Maybe doesn’t seem like an issue, but the problem is that these bottles, soap bars and razors are sitting in water all the time. The way the shower head hits the wall or your body makes water accumulate on the seat. Everything gets wet, stays wet and the shaving cream cans were causing rust circles on the tile seat.

And 2. The other issue is that the water over-sprays out of the shower too, so I’d like to add a pane of glass or something to keep the water from hitting the bathroom window, free-standing tub, tile floor, etc.

In the meantime I needed a solution, at least for issue #1, and found it at the Container Store. I grabbed this corner shower caddy

And this hanging shower caddy

Problem solved!…even if it’s temporary, it works well. Who knows – maybe this will work long enough that I won’t have to do any permanent shower work for a while….

The corner shower caddy gets items up off the tile seat, the feet are adjustable, as well as the shelves themselves and it’s really sturdy…

With the products up off the seat, at the end of a shower all I have to do is easily wipe down the seat to remove the water puddles.

The hanging shower caddy holds a lot of items, screws securely around the shower head so there is NO slipping, and the shelves adjust up and down as well as side to side to accommodate those tall bottles…

Doesn’t get more simple than this!

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  1. Simply LKJ says:

    Great solution. When I had our showers redone, I had our tile guy add a built in niche for that reason. Prior to that though we had those refillable bottle dispensers that attach to the shower wall. Worked well when the kiddos were little.

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