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Dec 23

Meant to have this up last week (psh, thank you AT&T), but better late than never, my organization lovers. And guess what? Don’t fret, you still have a couple days to shop – so I’m sharing this guide even though Christmas is a mere 2 days away! Did I just type that?!

Do you have organization, type-a, OCD, control freak folks on your wish list? (God bless you and the people who love me). Struggling to get them (or yourself) a great gift this season? Today I’m sharing my own personal list of favorite organization solutions….all of which are treasured and tested hard by yours truly….and all of them (with the exception of one) are under $30!

Enough chatter, let’s talk solutions / gift ideas!

Ok, so this goes without saying…but if you’ve been reading along here or on my Instagram account, you know I’m sorta obsessed with compartment organizers. When it comes to brands I don’t discriminate – I love them all! But one of my favorite brands is Plano. You can find these are your local hardware store or on Amazon.

Plano Compartment Organizers

I love compartment organizers for organizing those little things. Maybe those items are in the same category, but they have been spread out around the house, office or garage. These organizers keep them all contained together, in one spot, but compartmentalized. Want to see the various ways I have used them to get organized? Check out my recent You Tube video here…

The possibilities are endless. Well, for those organizer-type’s you know and love, that is ;-).

Another item I love to use are over-the-door shoe organizers. The make great use of vertical space and help you gain instant hidden storage. You can see one of mine right here

I didn’t even hang mine over the door…I used command strips to hang it.

Overdoor Shoe Organizer

Clear shoe drawers from The Container Store are another favorite. I’ve used these under my kitchen sink and in the bathroom supply cabinet…

Seen here under my kitchen sink…
They come in a couple sizes and are great for stacking. They are see-through and I love that you don’t have to unstack to get to what you need. Just open a drawer.
One of my new favorite solutions is the Luxe Acrylic Modular System from The Container Store…
I am completely smitten and plan on getting some pieces for my eventual home office renovation. Again, am a sucker for the compartments, drawers and see-through ability. Love love love this!

One of my favorite jobs as a blogger is connecting/partnering with inventors, designers, women entrepreneurs, and companies. I have enjoyed the process this year and have met some wonderful people. I also love giving away items to you…which is always a prerequisite for working with Simply Organized. This year I met the amazing woman behind Car Cache. Genius product for keeping your purse in place while driving. It’s at a great price point and what woman you know wouldn’t benefit from this?!

Car Cache Purse Organizer

Another favorite are these Glass Jars with Aluminum Lids from The Container Store…

These work great not only in the kitchen, but also in the garage, bathroom or playroom. Love the lid! I use one in my master bath to contain soap bars…

Another container option are these Acrylic Canisters with Locking Lids from The Container Store…or Target, Amazon, etc…

I use these for dishwasher pods, baking supplies, bar soap, office things. Endless options!

Ok, just one more canister! These Clear Round Acrylic Canisters, love these! I have one in my bathroom to contain q-tips…


Baskets are a great way to stay organized. These can be used anywhere and can also be found anywhere for a great price / with coupons. My favorite baskets are these from Pottery Barn, the Havana Utility Baskets

You can see them here in my playroom…
I’ve created chalkboard labels to attach to the open handle.

Traveling is just another reason to stay organized. One of my favorite travel solutions is this Resort Hanging Organizer

Or any hanging organizer. I have found a few from Target too. They are great for compartmentalizing items…and clear compartments…hangs to save your hotel bathroom counter space….zips closed and fits well folded up in a suitcase.

Looking for a great stocking stuffer? Meet iDBeadz

Genius way to ID your chargers so they don’t go missing…ahem.

I use these White Folding Mesh Cubes not only to corral toys around this house, but also while sorting with clients. They fold flat and you can see through them. Love these!…

Have an organized tech-buff to shop for? This Space Bar is genius! Before I used to have to reach behind my big computer to plug in USB’s…not anymore


Here’s another one of those “Sam, you’ve been talking about this all year!” solutions. It’s the Martha Stewart Wall Manager

Come to think of it, have probably been talking about it going on 2 years. I’m sorry, but the thing works – that’s all I can say! I’ve used it in my home office, under my kitchen sink, in a kitchen cabinet, and in client’s homes. We all love it!

Did you overhear a loved one say their New Year’s resolution is to get their photos backed up? The Picture Keeper is an easy way to get your photos backed up safely and it fits great in a stocking too!…

Finally, for the glam gal on your list….The Hot Iron Holster

Another genius mom-invented product I became aware of this year. Contains your hot styling tools so you free up bathroom counter space and keep those kiddos safe. Recently they released a couple new products for crafting too! Go check them out!

Hope these ideas get your wheels turning for the gift-giving season. They are not very costly and they really work. If you missed getting them for the holidays, pin this for later and use this list as a birthday gift throughout the year for that organization lover in your life….or maybe yourself!

By the way, I am not being paid to talk about any of these products. All links in this post are merely to help you get to the product I’m talking about. 😉

Have a great night!


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  1. I have the glass canisters and I'll add that they really don't work well for any food products that actually need a seal. Things like sugar or flour don't work well in these. Something I wish I'd known before I bought 20 of them for all my food supply needs. 🙁

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