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Jun 29

As you may have noticed, blog posts around here slowed down a bit over the last few months. Not because I want it that way and it’s certainly going to change with a more relaxed summer schedule. (I have some really fun projects to share this week, matter of fact!) So what exactly is keeping me from popping in here the regular 3-4 times a week, you ask? My business picked up in the new year (I love this!) but it has kept me from my computer, there was a ton of end of school year activities to keep up with (including a lot of time volunteering at school sites), spring baseball was sorta insane (but SO much fun! Both boys made it to championship games!), day to day life was keeping me on my toes….aaaaaand of course there’s always the joys of being a homeowner.

*insert sarcasm here*

Does “when it rains, it pours” ring a bell for anyone?

First up, my freezer died a slow death. This being the freezer attached to the fridge I purchased less than 2 years ago. The fridge was purchased before I moved in August 2013. When it started going downhill, I called the manufacturer only to learn it was under warranty for only one year. Whaaaa? The parts to fix the freezer cost as much as buying a new one…so there went $$.

Next it was the new inline water heater. It was put in a few months ago but noticed the water wasn’t heating immediately or staying hot, which is a huge feature to adding a system like this in your home. They’ve been back out working on that issue.

Then it was my dishwasher – yet again. This was the 3rd time it stopped working so I threw in the towel and purchased a new one. However, when they arrived to install it they couldn’t. Why? I don’t have an air gap and the dishwasher is hardwired which means we are not to code over here. Lovely. I’ve been washing dishes by hand for a few weeks and can’t wait for my handyman to come over tomorrow to remedy the issues and install this new gem. He is going to get some serious hugs and kisses. Good thing he knows me pretty well. #awkward

But before and during my conversation with my handyman, I was having minor panic attacks. If I had to add the air gap, that would require drilling a hole into this very old sink…

Yea, you don’t want to see this scene much closer…or I fear you’ll stop reading this blog altogether. Let’s just say the sink is so old that I worried him drilling a hole would cause the entire basin to crumble to pieces. We talked briefly about pulling up the sink and adding a new one, but he said the way the sink is set would require removing the surrounding countertop as well…

Trust me, I am ALL about removing this old tile countertop…on both sides of the kitchen…

But am I ready to take on a kitchen renovation right now? NO! And you guys know me, every single detail will be researched to the nth degree for this OCD nutcase.

Seriously though, this kitchen is going to undergo a major renovation at some point down the road, but not right now. Because when it happens, other surrounding areas are getting upgraded too. My handyman and I figured out a simple plan that doesn’t involve tearing up counters or drilling holes in the sink. I’ll share an update soon one day. 😉

While the kitchen isn’t changing anytime soon, I have to admit I’ve been secretly searching out ideas. Of course, my new kitchen is going to be organized off the charts and am hoping to keep it classic yet fun and pretty so the style lasts a long time. I was online the other day and discovered this amazing countertop that I had to share with you. It’s one of those “finally!!” moments!…

Have you seen or heard about the new Corian® Charging Surface from DuPont?


Yes, that is what you think it is. It’s a wireless charging surface…meaning you charge your device by simply setting it on the counter…

I know, pick me up off the floor! That little, discreet circle = a charging surface…

Not only would this be fabulous in a home office, kitchen, or craft room, but imagine setting your smartphone on the counter in your local coffee shop for a quick charge up? Or if you’re at the bar after a long day of work and your phone is at 5%? Incredible!

I wanted to to know more and did a little research. Since I dug up the info, I figured I would share it here with all of you and keep it for safe keeping for that future kitchen update.

In my previous home I installed Corian® countertops and loved them so much! It was a dark charcoal color with white cabinets – so so pretty and timeless. If you aren’t familiar with Corian®, it’s specially engineered to be long-lasting. It’s a solid-surface material, comes in 100+ colors and patterns, and can be custom-cut. It’s durable, stain-resistant, easy to clean and every stylish hue and pattern of Corian® is available for wireless charging integration.

What I really wanted to know was how the Charging Surface works. Hidden from view just below the Corian® Charging Surface, a transmitter safely transfers energy wirelessly to a receiver within or attached to your smart device. Charging stops when your device has reached maximum battery capacity. Nearly all smart devices can be charged with a charging ring (although some are already enabled so that you don’t need one). Again, all you do is connect a receiver to your smart device, then put your device on the charging spot and power up.

This surface is perfect for a range of kitchen and bathroom styles, from hi-tech to traditional to minimalist. I love the design flexibility and wide range of colors too. Corian® is also ideal for worktops, backslashes and…ahem…sinks.

The Charging Surface is also available in DuPont’s Zodiac Quartz surfaces. Personally, since I’ve had Corian® counters before, I may go with them again for the kitchen renovation. They were amazing…and I remember how fun it was to choose the countertop color. You can find them all here!

In the meantime, I’m still doing my best to make this kitchen last a bit longer. I’ve done a lot in this small space over the last 22 months!…

First of all, paint always makes a huge improvement!…



I added more surface space with the addition of a simple kitchen rack…


Added kitchen counter stools to create more seating…


Made the most of every cabinet interior, even if it involved removing shelves…



And maximized the drawer interiors too!…


I updated the faucet…

And added a temporary floor after the first dishwasher leak…




There has been small improvements over the last several months that are extending the life of this kitchen just a bit longer. Trust me, I’m looking forward to that renovation, but for now I’ll live happily in this space. And pray for a lot less issues going forward!

Back soon with some fun blog posts guys! Have a great day!

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  1. Vanessa D says:

    That temporary floor makes an amazing difference in the look of your kitchen! The first picture that showed the tile kind of made me go whoa, but the grey carpet tiles (?) are so much more subtle looking.

    • I know! Can you believe the difference?! Carpet tiles aren't the norm in a kitchen, but for a temporary solution they have worked wonders for this kitchen! And they just look soooooo much nicer…and are nicer on my feet / back!


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