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Nov 23

With the busy holiday season and school activities upon us, I mentioned yesterday that I slowed my client schedule to a crawl for the rest of the year. Instead, for the next several weeks my focus is to enjoy the holidays and home…and I’ll be sharing a lot more here on the blog. So happy about this much needed slow-down!

On the home topic, I’m getting a couple areas tidied up and tackling long over-due home improvements. I started in Natalie’s room with a fresh coat of paint and a few small decor updates. She is so happy with her “bigger girl” room. Age 5 isn’t a baby, yet not quite big girl. So the changes made were simple and pretty, still give her plenty of floor space to play and dance (so her!), yet updated the space to reflect her “bigger girl” interests; dress-up, ballet and reading.  And with the bed getting nudged over, it made for a huge improvement for mom too – making her bed is a breeze!

The last touch remaining was the addition of a small gallery wall over her dresser…

What better source to turn to for art than Minted. They have the most incredible collection in their online marketplace. The site is full of beautiful pieces by independent artists. Matter of fact, the art is so incredible it took me several weeks to choose what I ultimately ordered. When it came to making my selections, I was looking for inspiring and meaningful pieces as well as something Natalie wanted to see on her walls. Because – hello – it is her room after all. Her personal artwork is on display in the playroom, which made this wall the perfect spot for something professional…and allowed me to expose her to the works of other amazing artists…besides herself, of course! 🙂

natalie's room art


Aren’t these gorgeous?…


Each piece was created by a US artist and each was a Minted Design Challenge Winner. When you purchase art from Minted, you have the pleasure of learning a bit about the artist as each piece arrives with a little background info. I love having a deeper connection to the pieces now hanging in Natalie’s room.

Nature’s Confetti by Megan Gilligan of Nebraska…we loved the colors and it looks so pretty as the main gallery wall piece…



Incorporating Natalie’s name in the gallery was simple with this stunning vintage floral monogram with gold foil by Hannah Sieving of Georgia…



I chose the distressed cottage white frame to go with it…pretty!…


Love the pop of color in the flowers…and of course, love that Natalie’s name was added…


Adding an inspirational quote was the perfect finishing touch. I’ll do anything to help her follow her heart and little girl dreams. This Follow Your Heart wall print by Amber Barkley of San Diego is classic enough to follow her into young adulthood…


The 3 pieces make a beautiful wall gallery…


They add just the right amount of color over her vintage dresser…


I’m also working on updating framed photos and art throughout the entire house. While I was browsing through the Minted Art Collection I stumbled upon this piece…


It’s the Rain II Wall Print by Amy Hall of California and it immediately transported me to my own childhood. I grew up in the cold, damp, foggy environment of San Francisco and that climate is a part of my soul. My heart aches to be surrounded by fog and am grateful I was able to move back home 2 years ago after not living here for well over 10 years. This print reminds me of learning how to drive in the fog and surviving the storms of the 80s….which we are all hoping happens again here in California this winter – our drought is terrible! I love the piece right here in my entry…


If you’re in search of unique art pieces for your home or as a gift this holiday season, look no further than Minted Art. Minted is more than all those pretty cards you see in their catalogs! All of the framing was purchased through the site as well…they make it easy and budget-friendly by adding your frames during the order process. I love seeing a print “in” the various framing options…sometimes a piece looks better in a black or brown frame as opposed to white or patterened. Minted makes it simple to get your print framed and your order comes packaged securely and safely.

Hope you guys are enjoying the kick-off of your Thanksgiving week! I’m having a hard time believing Thanksgiving is this week…anyone else feeling totally stunned by the fact black Friday is this week? Last night it suddenly hit me while watching football…all those black Friday ads were playing. Ugh! Time to get on that shopping list, Sam!

Have a great day guys!

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