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Nov 13

…that’s what little girl rooms are made of!

Natalies room

As the holidays approach and gatherings are planned, I generally think beyond the normal decorating. Why? Because I’m a little lot crazy? Don’t get me wrong, I love to decorate and Christmas cheer is about to engulf this house. But each year as the New Year approaches, I find myself thinking broader…in terms of little home improvement projects and updates. Since family and friends are coming, why not knock a few little improvements off the to-do list. I’m talking easy DIY’s like patching and painting or finally updating my entry to make it feel more warm and welcoming. The other day on Instagram I shared my newest piece of furniture – I finally pulled the trigger on an entry table…

pottery barn connor entry table

Not sure what’s more amazing…the transformation of this little entry or the fact it took me 2 years to pick something. Ha! Entry before move-in…

Entry after new paint and a brighter front door…

entry paint

For 2 years this entry has sat baren. As you can see, the front door doesn’t have much space behind it so finding a piece narrow enough to fit – as well as something I loved – was a challenge. Because we come and go from the garage door, the entry hasn’t been high on the project to-do list. I’ll share more about the entry soon. For now, the table is here and am waiting on wall hangings to arrive. And of course, can’t wait to decorate the space for Christmas!

Anyway, this post is about Natalie’s room…not my entry.

Natalie has the smallest room in the house, which has made it difficult to configure her furniture. I started with her bed in this spot near the door…

And a few months later moved it closer to the window…

Issue with both spots was that it’s hard making the bed when one side is against the wall, stuff kept falling beside the bed and her walls were getting dirty and dinged. The need for better furniture placement, lack of wall hangings and a fresh coat of paint caused me to jump to action this week to get it done. I started with the paint first (seen here) and for simplicity went with the same color because it’s worked really well no matter what else has come into her space. And because I love it! The color is Benjamin Moore Athena and I used their regal matte finish…


I did very little editing on the photo to give you a truer glimpse of it. It’s calming and pretty – especially in a little girls room.

With her bedroom painted, I played with the furniture placement and came up with a plan. She was definitely missing a few key pieces – one being a bedside table. In January, I happened upon this vintage refinished dresser in a small shop near my house. I grabbed it as a part of her 5th birthday present…

natalies dresser

But as you can see, the top was cluttered and there wasn’t enough room to hold her bedside lamp. Yes, she had a lamp already – just no where for it to sit. I’d been holding off on a bedside table because I worried things would get knocked over, but she’s old enough now and can handle it. Plus, I knew the placement would keep her (and her brothers) from getting into trouble. She also needed wall hangings. And I have those on order – you know, it’s in the same order as those wall hangings for the entry. 😉 The wall hangings are on the way and I’ll share an update next week when they are up…for now, I grabbed the most adorable bedside table (on sale!) along with a few little details to update the space. She is so excited about her room!

natalies room

I placed the bed a little over 2 feet away from her window. She still has plenty of room to move past the foot of the bed (she’s only 5) and I can easily maneuver around it to close her drapes at night or make her bed…


I found this table on sale at Pottery Barn Kids for $199. It’s the perfect size for her lamp with just one drawer (eliminates too much clutter) and the small shelf below is a great spot for her current bedtime reads…

natalies nightstand

I love the color too!

natalies nightstand

My local PBK had the table in stock and since I was grabbing some wall hooks for a client, I picked it up in the store. Bad idea! I roamed around the entire store, got lost and spent too much money….all in her honor, of course. I found this adorable wish garland which is intended to be used as Holiday decor, but knew it would look precious above her bed…

nautilus room

wish sign

wish sign

Sparkly and girly – just like her!

The pillow was also a purchase…

natalies room


She started taking ballet this summer and loves it, so this was a cute touch that has meaning. The vanity is a PBK purchase, but from a couple years ago. She still uses it frequently…

natalies room

As far as the dresser, I moved that to the wall near her door…

natalies room

The gallery wall and a little diy ledge I have in the works will be above the dresser. For now, she has a glittery tree that she picked out. Her coat tree is a perfect spot for sweaters with colder weather upon us…for now, I displayed her Christmas dress from last year. I don’t like how fast these years are flying and visions of her in that dress last year are some of my favorite…

natalies room


I’d like to keep her floor space as open as possible and that will happen if I don’t add anything else to the space. So that corner you see above? It’s staying empty! I’ve shared her closet previously (here) and it has been working perfectly for stowing away clothing, toys and books…

The only other item on display in here are her dress-up clothing, which is hanging on a system I created for her (seen here)…

natalies room

natalies room

Hope you enjoyed seeing these little updates to her room! Next week I’ll share her gallery wall – can’t wait to put that together for her. As with any other space in your home, wall hangings really make a space! And these are no exception. Can’t wait!

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