Organized Kid’s Bathroom

Mar 9

Some may suppose that after organizing for someone else all day I’d turn that switch off while in my own home. Truth be told, my job is physically taxing and there are days I come home and revel in doing nothing more than the typical cleaning and tidying. But that switch isn’t ever really off. Do I act on it? Not all the time. Lately though, I’ve been itching to work on areas around the house that are seriously lacking in attention. We’ve been busy and sports / ballet / homework has dominated our down time. Baseball season anyone? (I’ll be posting about baseball organization soon!)

Anyway, I think the increase in my desire to tackle spots around the house is a combination of frustration on my part (I’m done seeing it all the time) and the upcoming spring season / abundance of rain we’ve had. I’ve been purging like no one’s business and can’t help but wonder where it comes from each time I fill the back of my truck.

Be prepared to see some home organization posts from my own pad. And you guys know, those are the posts that make this girl happy – brings me back to the blog roots, where this crazy train began.

One area in the house that’s been driving me nuts is my daughter and middle son’s bathroom. It’s tiny with a minimal amount of storage *in* the space. There’s a nice-sized closet just outside the bathroom however. This bathroom also serves as a guest bath since it’s the bathroom closest to the general area of the house and there isn’t a powder room. With the kid’s being 6 and 9, they aren’t the neatest bunch. Just as I would suggest to a client, I wanted to keep supplies in the space simplified down to the absolute must-have’s. In order to do that I first had to make room for the towels and stuff that currently occupied the shelves…and that meant tackling the outer closet. I’ll be sharing that tomorrow! But with the closet finally re-vamped itself, I was able to seriously pare down the bathroom to only those items needed on the daily…

Organized Kid's Bathroom

Nothing gets simpler. A few extra rolls of toilet paper, toothbrushes, cups, rinse and toothpaste, q-tips and flossers.

Organized Kid's Bathroom

Organized Kid's Bathroom

Organized Kid's Bathroom

Previously, these shelves had 3 baskets full of washcloths, hand towels and small bath toys. The bottom shelf (not pictured because it’s essentially the floor) was where I stacked bath towels. All of that has now moved to the outer closet. Leaving space for just what these two need each morning and night.

These inexpensive stacking cubes are perfect for kid’s flossers…

Organized Kid's Bathroom

One for each of them, because my daughter can’t touch anything unless it’s pink…

Organized Kid's Bathroom

The rest of the bathroom looks the same since the last time it was shared…simple hooks for hanging 2 robes / towels…

Organized Kid's Bathroom

Organized Kid's Bathroom

Organized Kid's Bathroom

I’m so happy everything else is out of here. Less stuff means less for mom to pick up / clean up.

Still my favorite sign from the Arkansas house…

Organized Kid's Bathroom

If you’d like to shop this post, you can find the simple inexpensive products I used right here…

Anyone else feeling that spring cleaning itch?

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  1. Abbie says:

    Love how organized this looks! I need this in my bathroom.

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Abbie!

      Thank you! I love how simple it is…just what they need and nothing more! Do it! It’s so freeing…I’m always amazed how much better I feel…and here I do this for other people daily – haha!


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