Finally…My New Business Cards!

Sep 23

In the small spurts of time I have to work from home, I’ve been focusing on my business. There’s a lot to do when you own a small business. Especially a professional organizing business, where work comes in peaks and valleys. Those little to-do’s that can push your business forward tend to be set aside while you’re busy working with people. Basically, all I have time for is working in my business, not on it. I’m really feeling the need to change that. While I don’t need more business quite yet (need to hire – don’t get me started on this one), I need to get the word out about who I am, what I do and what I offer. I’ve been running off word of mouth referrals 100%…and that’s a total blessing. But do need to network and connect with businesses in my area that could potentially benefit from my services or be a referral source.

You guys are aware that last year when I made the jump to WordPress, I simultaneously went through a branding process. Love love my little logo. But truth be told, besides adding it to the website, I hadn’t done anything in terms of printed materials. Yes, imagine that – a professional organizer. Someone you’d suppose should have a business card to hand over when asked. Ha! Not this girl. I blaze a different trail, apparently.

Well now, people of the Internets, I have a card. And I love it. Like….love love looooooove it!


The push to finally design and print cards came while attending the Haven conference. Everyone was handing out the most adorable, creative blog / business cards. Additionally, I’m attending the Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker event next week in NYC. You bet your pumpkin spice latte I wasn’t showing up in the NYC without cute cards! Where does a creative entrepreneur go for business card design? Etsy, of course.

Typically, when I’m on a mission to get something done it takes forever. You know, same is said when you go shopping and need to find an outfit or dress for an occasion. When you’re looking or on a mission it never happens. But when you’re randomly browsing with no pressure, that’s when you find all the cute stuff. Anyone relate? So, I figured since I was buckling down to finally get this done, it would take a long time to locate a designer who could capture my vision and make it reality.


The very first person I connected with over Etsy was the one. Still not sure how this managed to come together. I’ll chalk it up to good karma. The designer I hired is North Sail Designs and she made all of my design dreams come true…


To start, I told her I wanted to incorporate either a simple hanger or a set of drawers into the design. I wanted a classic, classy yet pretty look and feel and was hoping to order square cards. Within a day or so, I received the first mock-up which is very similar to the final design. The tweaks were basically the little pattern within the drawers you see here…


And the drawer knobs didn’t look like knobs at first glance. She quickly fixed it and then it was a matter of defining my contact info. I didn’t want to add too much info to the cards because these days, why? What I ended up listing was my site address, phone number and Instagram handle…since this is generally the way most people connect with me. I love how she managed to incorporate the hanger on my logo too!…


Really very happy with the way the design turned out.

Once the design was finalized, I ordered cards through Moo. They have cool card shapes and products. My goal was a thick, luxurious square card…they delivered. Their packaging is pretty special too!…





The card box makes for a great container to keep cards safe in your work bag or on a desk…


Feeling a little more professional and polished now that I have cards printed and ready to hand out. Cards I love and a design that reflects my style. I’m going to work with North Sail again on a rate sheet and other printed materials. If you’re looking for a designer, I can’t recommend her enough! (This is not a sponsored post you guys! Have not been paid by Moo or North Sail…just sharing a real post here!).

Speaking of trying to find clothing, I’m still on the hunt for a few things for NYC next week. I found a skirt so I’ve got my bottom half covered, but am on the hunt for a cute top. Here’s the skirt I found…

Thinking a cute capped-sleeve top would be nice with this. Help me, fashion friends!



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