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Sep 27


Work travel has certainly picked up for me over the last couple years. I’ve had the great pleasure of attending award ceremonies, conferences and more. Travel has been for both the blog side of Simply Organized and industry events within the professional organization niche. I’ve even started traveling to organize for clients.

Traveling? So fun!

The stress over what to pack, airline weight restrictions, a lost suitcase, TSA tossing around your items, dealing with the space you may (or may not) have at your destination, staying organized once you’re there and getting everything back home? Not so fun!

Travel with children? Don’t get me started. That’s a whole different beast and one I’ll chat about more this fall.

While sadly not every travel issue can be controlled or solved, one thing you can easily take the stress out of is organizing your suitcase. This can be done by sorting and separating items into categories, much like you would in any space of your home…


EzPacking Cubes makes your packing process simple, easy…and totally organized!

Monica and Salo, the dynamic mother-son team behind this amazing product, discovered my blog a few months ago and reached out to connect. As a professional organizer, I see and touch a lot of products. But I have a soft place in my heart for those born from a true passion to fill a very real need. Monica was getting her daughter off to college and couldn’t find a solution to pack her daughter in order to stay organized on the trip. While she initially set out to solve a problem, her solution turned into a full travel organization system. And now it’s a family run business.

This family couldn’t be sweeter, too!

EzPacking is a unique travel system that makes packing easy and helps keep you organized while traveling. With the clear cubes, you’re able to maximize space, easily find what you need and help reduce wrinkles. Their modular design allows you to stand them upright in a suitcase or lay them flat.

Since I’ve been traveling quite a bit, I couldn’t wait to try the cubes. Tomorrow I’m heading to the Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker event in NYC. Can’t wait! This is the perfect time to share how I packed my organized suitcase using EzPacking Cubes. Many of the items I’m bringing are skirts and dresses – items prone to wrinkle in the standard hanging section of a suitcase. Using their dress cube, I’m able to lay them flat to ensure minimal wrinkling…




Their starter set includes a set of 4 cubes which can either go in your suitcase or a carry-on…

The set comes in a variety of colors, which would be really helpful for those packing yourself plus children. Each person can have a color-coded cube!

My pajamas, underwear, socks, pashminas, jeans and tanks are folded and contained neatly right here…




Speaking of neat, EzPacking threw down a serious packing game changer with a few add-on’s! Need your shirts neatly folded? Their packing boards deliver the ultimate fold!…



The boards are lightweight and thin enough to tuck away in your suitcase for an organized return trip…or you can use them in your closets around the house!



Where does your dirty laundry and shoes go in your suitcase? They have you covered with their shoe and laundry bags. When I purchased my heels, they came with an included dust bag. However, my booties didn’t. The shoe bag is the perfect solution for keeping dirt away from my clothing…




When I travel, I rarely come home empty handed. Whether it’s family gifting us something or we’re picking up little finds, guaranteed there will new items making their way home. Last month at the Haven Conference you guys saw just how much I could bring home from a work trip. Ever have a bag over the weight limit? It’s the worst feeling having to toss perfectly good items because you didn’t have an extra carry-on. EzPacking thought of everything with the addition of their duffle bag


It tucks away neatly in your suitcase just in case you need to use it…


And this will be used. Hello, I’m going to NYC!

With everything ready to go, all that was left was loading my suitcase with the cubes and toiletry bags…


Cubes on the bottom…


Followed by shoes…


Toiletry bags…


And finally my dresses and skirts…


Organized and ready to go!


EzPacking truly is the ultimate solution for packing an organized suitcase! And my sweet friends from EzPacking are offering all of you a special 10% discount off your order. Use promo code SIMPLYORGANIZED for your special discount. But…one very lucky Simply Organized reader is going to win a starter set of your own…in the color of your choice! Thank you, Monica and Salo!

You guys know I keep giveaway entry simple around here…enter one or as many ways as you wish to up your chances! Good luck everyone and happy packing!
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* giveaway entry for US residents only

* while i was gifted my set of EzPacking cubes and accessories, all opinions in this post are 100% genuine and 100% mine!

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  1. Nadine says:

    I love the blue! So soft and pretty!

  2. Jacki Nguyen says:

    I would love the blue set

  3. Abbie says:

    Ahh love this! Packing cubes are seriously genius.

  4. Gina says:

    Thanks for offering this fabulous giveaway! I would select green, the color of life!

  5. Carol Leatherman says:

    Oh the blue of course! Lovely color!

  6. Kimberly G says:

    I would pick the color black.

  7. Deb says:

    Blue please

  8. Pat F. says:

    These packing cubes look amazing and so very helpful! I think that I am the worst packer in the world and anything to help me out is appreciated! I love the Turquoise Blue cubes! Thank you for the opportunity to win and enjoy your trip to NYC!

  9. Melissa R. says:

    This is so timely! I’m planning a trip where I need to fit everything into just my carry-ons and I’m panicking. I think the orange cubes would help me accomplish this goal!

  10. Muriel says:

    I like the blue.

  11. So smart! I’d probably do fuchsia for me, royal for the hubs & orange for baby!
    XO, Jaclyn

  12. Anja says:

    Black please!

  13. Jenny says:

    I love the blue!

  14. Isaida says:

    Any color…these are GREAT!

  15. Brenda Botbyl-Velez says:

    Not sure if the contest is over? I’d love any color!!!!

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