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Sep 23

By now you’re settling into the new school year and likely have a grip on teacher expectations and homework requirements. Maybe your school rhythm is already locked and loaded. Systems in place and like “psh, I got this.”. But I’m sure one thing’s happening. And at a rapid pace. You’ve got paper rolling in. Lots of paper.

Most moms I work with or know personally tend to unload backpacks at the kitchen counter. Me included. Therefore, paper ends up accumulating on surfaces around the kitchen. This is a big pain point. So today I’m sharing an easy solution to get that paper under control and off the counter!


This is my simple command center mounted inside a cabinet. It’s easy and it works! And it costs next to nothing!

If you’ve been reading my blog a while, you may recall this is the same cabinet I’ve been using for this purpose for a while. Previously, the Martha Stewart Wall Manager was hanging here…


I configured the system around the one shelf that existed in this cabinet. However, a while back I removed that shelf and added an elfa drawer system to make better use of the cabinet space.  When I did that, the wall manager didn’t allow the door to close, so I had to think up a new system for containing paper.

My easy solution was to adhere pocket files to the cabinet door. I located a few on sale at Office Depot from the See Jane Work product line…


These are her project envelopes with a snap closure…


They’re cute and inexpensive! To turn them into wall pockets to store paper, I just tucked that front flap within the envelope…


Added a few Command strips to the back…


And stuck them to the cabinet door…



You can see my elfa system here…which was the reason I had to think up a new idea…


Adding a label gives me the opportunity to contain each of my children’s important papers in their own pocket file…


In case you’re wondering, this is the label maker I use. For both home and work.


I still have my trusty Dymo LetraTag, but this new and improved update works very well and produces a different text / quality of tape.

With my wall pockets secured, I added the important papers I need within reach…


This system ensures I am never missing important dates like my 6th graders carpool duty days and my daughter’s 1st grade weekly homework packet lives in here too.


So simple and easy!

In case you aren’t following me on Periscope or Facebook, you can also see live videos of me chatting about this space. You’ll even see a closer look at my elfa system as a viewer asked to see it…and since we were live and she asked, I delivered. I’m going to do my best one time each week to hop onto both platforms for a live feed…so be sure to sign up or follow to not miss a video and ask me questions live!

Here’s my Periscope…

And here’s my Facebook Live…

If you have a case of the “I can’t see my counter under all this paper”, my hope is this simple solution is your answer. It’s inexpensive, easy to create and keeps your counters tidy!

Happy paper organizing!


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