Simply Done: Beautiful Command Center & Mudroom

Oct 10

I’ve been working in some of the dreamiest homes on the most amazing projects…for some of the most precious moms! And I’ve been anxious to get in here to share everything I’ve been up to. Needless to say, there’s content for dayzzzzz up in here. Yay!


Before the school year kicked off, I helped the most adorable mother of 3 young boys (God bless her!) get her mudroom organized and ready for the paper landslide. As with all projects, they tend to begin in one space and we slowly creep our way into other areas of the house. This project actually began in her garage, which I will be sharing soon. Then we made our way inside. For now, I’m combining both her mudroom and command center into this post because they are located close together….and like every other area of her home, it’s gorgeous!

When it comes to school papers, backpacks, calendars, shoes and more, it’s hard to not have things creep into other spaces. They seem as if to reproduce overnight. She was looking for a way to organize the active school papers and homework packets. In school years past, everything ended up on her kitchen counter or shoved into kitchen drawers. I’m sure every mom reading along is in agreement here – the kitchen tends to be that paper breeding ground. But this school year she wanted to change that phenomenon. And she wanted to give the boys a little more independence and ownership of their papers…



This corner of her mudroom was simply designed with just a few wall-mounted organizing solutions. After going back and forth over possible wall-mounted paper organizers (there are many beautiful options out there at a range of prices), we settled on this beautiful wood and wire wall basket system from PB Teen. This gives each of the boys a spot for their papers and one additional basket for mom or dad. She had the wooden wall hooks on hand from their previous home. We decided to hang those for what is certainly an endless amount of ball caps – hello…there’s 4 boys living here! I love the staggered pattern we came up with. Since she purchased her hooks a while ago, they are no longer available on Anthro, but these are so cute! We added a small stool from Serena & Lily to complete the corner.

On another wall in her mudroom…


( variety of pillows from Anthro / rug from Target )

I know, hello gorgeous!

We tidied the drawers to make room for sports gear and other misc items. We purged old jackets and shoes. And we cleared off that beautiful bench so the boys can run in from the garage, drop shoes, jackets, hats and backpacks (in the correct spot, I hope!) and get to playing. Or homework. Or really…snacking! Anyone else have starved kids after school?

With her mudroom ready, we tackled a small command center just for her…


( desk / similar marble box / acrylic file sorter )

This could possibly be one of my favorite projects of all time. Why? Because it’s useful and so stunningly simple / beautiful!

She now has a small desk, just outside the mudroom door, where she can get her own papers organized. There’s an empty drawer to safely stow her laptop and a drawer for the little necessities…


( drawer dividers / small bowls )

I created this command center wall the same way I did my gallery wall. Just lay out your items on the floor to come up with a design you’re excited about. Then take a photo and start hanging. Easy!…


( copper wall basket / cork board / paper calendar / all other shared wall decor was found at Target )


The school year kicked off organized and she was ready for the papers!

We spent some time in her son’s room organizing his desk / closet and in her kitchen sorting through a few drawers to keep her counters clear. I’ll be sharing those soon along with her beautiful garage!

Hope your school year has been going well and you’re on top of that paper monster too. If not, shoot me your struggles and we’ll tackle them together! I spent an afternoon at Evernote’s headquarters and can’t wait to share how to get those papers organized digitally. You won’t believe how easy it is too!


Back soon guys! Happy organizing!

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