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Dec 22

We’re a couple days out from Christmas, staring at a to-do list much longer than I’m comfortable with…yet here I am obsessing over the New Year. Maybe you can relate? I think it’s the overwhelming feeling that a landslide is approaching. When that happens, instead of letting the feeling consume me, I take action. Immediately.

The feeling of overwhelm typically means I’m feeling out of control. No one appreciates (or can reason with) an out of control Sam. My January is already booked solid and want my new year to kick off feeling in control, focused on goals and not distracted, frantic or frozen. So what does Sam do? She purchases a new 2017 monthly planner…

Of course, right?

But I’m so in love with it!

Yes, yes – it’s another Erin Condren planner. I can’t help myself. Since I purchased my weekly planner last summer, I’ve been addicted. The planner really has boosted my productivity, kept me focused and – let’s be real – helped me not forget anything. Lots of balls being juggled up in here.

My friend Jen did a live feed sharing her new monthly planner and she had me at “full size”. Ack!

You guys know I had a tough time going from my full-size DIY planner to the smaller Erin Condren sized planner. I’ve adjusted pretty well (I think) to the smaller format. But for goal setting, planning and business topics, I dreamed of a full-size option. Because I have full-size ideas that need space for spreading out. Was so excited to see Erin add a Deluxe Monthly Planner to her portfolio of products.

*By the way, this is not a sponsored post or ad – just me talking about my planner.

You can personalize your cover and details. I went for silver accents…

And have a look inside!…

The planner has one large 2-page layout for each month…

And the page following the calendar is a break down for focusing in on those monthly goals…

For example, if your goal for 2017 is to get organized, you could use the calendar layout to break down the areas around the house you’ll focus on each day. Then, on the page following, you could break down the space by tasks to be accomplished in those spaces.

For me, I’ll be using this in my business. More than likely, not for client notes or project details. I’m leaning into the idea of using this as an editorial calendar for my blog. One of my blog goals in the new year is consistent content for you guys. And some REALLY good content. Great series ideas too, like how to use Evernote. Evernote is everything in my business and personal life. I’m also considering a pro interview series. So many fun ideas! But they won’t be executed unless I start planning.

Back to the planner. The front section is formatted with the full 2-page monthly calendar and goal break down pages, but the entire second half is blank note pages…

So. Many. Note. Pages. …


Because we love to write notes, goals and dreams.

I spent several hours last week going through my hanging files in the office. There was too much paper. It was overflowing, to be honest, so it had to be done. I added anything that didn’t need to live on paper into Evernote. Felt amazing to recycle all the paper. I have a paperless new years plan that I’ll share here soon – probably in video or screen sharing! Yay!!

If you’re looking for a great New Years gift for yourself, or are looking at planners (lots of us are doing this!), take a look at Erin’s! You can receive $10 off your order too if you create an account.

Hope you’re enjoying a stress-free holiday season! I’d love to hear what planners you’re considering for 2017 so be sure to comment!

Happy planning!
Simply Organized Monthly Planner

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