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Jul 11

Over the 4 years living in this house (how is this even possible?!), I’ve made the small spaces work extra hard. Funny, as a professional organizer, I don’t necessarily see myself as a minimalist…but I definitely noticed some tendencies. The small spaces around here just work better when there’s less stuff. Period. Anyway, there will be an eventual remodel – especially of the kitchen – but until then I am happy to challenge myself to make the most of the space we do have.

Nope, I’m not the blogger with the huge, gorgeous kitchen…massive island…glamorous pendants. On the contrary. You’ll blink and miss mine. But I sorta hope that’s why you guys love me – because I keep it real over here. We’re on a budget and a kitchen / house renovation is a long-distance dream right now.

Under the kitchen sink, which you’ve seen a few times around here, is pretty tight as well. In the last few months, items kept creeping in and showing up. Instead of putting them back, they’d stay here until I lost my mind and emptied the space / put it all away. As mentioned in my home improvement project list a few weeks ago, I’m planning to update the laundry room shelving to make that space more efficient. In the meantime, however, I needed a spot for my growing collection of cleaning products and microfiber cloths.

Off they went to my overflow hall closet…

Organized Hall Closet

This closet is located to the left of my entry. You can get an idea of its location from this previous photo of the closet…

Organized Hall Closet

The entry is to the right of that pretty green wreath..and my kitchen is between the wreath and door.

This closet is just outside the kids bathroom and has been the perfect spot to utilize as an overflow closet. It holds a variety of items from vases to party paper products to toilet paper. Here’s a glance at the contents from top to bottom…

Organized Hall Closet

Organized Hall Closet

( clear bins )

Organized Hall Closet

Organized Hall Closet

Organized Hall Closet

Organized Hall Closet

( wire basket )

Tons of variety!

I could not be more in love with this basket of toilet paper…call me crazy!…

In the coming weeks, I’ll post a video for you about cleaning with e-cloths / microfiber cloths (can’t wait to share this video!). Because truly, more often than not, you don’t need much more to clean most areas around your house than microfiber and water. I’m serious. But there are absolutely spaces and items in your house that need tough, but gentle and environmentally friendly cleaning products. Namely a bathroom or kitchen. Ahem…toilet that belongs to middle school aged boys.

Organized Hall Closet

( basket )

These are my personal favorites…

Organized Hall Closet

As evidenced by the volume and how this supply was previously living under my kitchen sink.

I’m so happy I carved out this little spot in the closet because they are much easier to see at a glance…as opposed to hiding under the dark kitchen sink.

In the past I mentioned my love of Grove Collaborative. Grove is a local, Bay Area based, company and I have partnered with them from time to time since they were known as ePantry back in the day. If you aren’t familiar with their great company, you should definitely take a look. I’m not going to say this company is for everyone – you may prefer grabbing your favorite eco-friendly cleaning products from stores you can walk into like Target or your local grocery store. Personally, I love their delivery service because it’s convenient and they offer free shipping and free bonus gifts when you’re a VIP member.

Since I also work in homes weekly and clean as I organize, I go through quite a bit of cleaning products. I bring my own on the job or use what a client requests. But I don’t like being in a pinch without my favorite cleaner. I have sensitivity to scents – there are certain cleaning scents that immediately give me a headache. The last thing I want is a headache on the job…or to leave behind a smell my clients don’t like either.

Grove works for me personally and for my business, which is why I’m a VIP member.

But anyway – point being, they have once again offered a very special deal for Simply Organized readers and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to forward it along.

From now through Sunday (July 16) when new customers place an order of $20, you’ll receive FOR FREE this entire collection, in the scent of your choice!…

New customers will receive this beautiful new tray and FULL SIZES of Mrs. Meyers dish soap, hand soap and hand lotion…

Serious – All for free! A $30 value when you order $20 of toilet paper or dish tabs or whatever!

They are also going to give you the opportunity to try out the free shipping & VIP program for free for 60 days. You can cancel AT ANY TIME. The details about the VIP program can be found here.

I am not a salesperson and wouldn’t ever suggest you take part in a subscription service of any kind – those types of services work for some, but not all. Personally, I only order from Grove 2x per year on average. Unless I see something I absolutely have to try or notice a favorite hard to find scent is back in stock, I will grab cleaning products on the go or as needed. So feel free to join the VIP program after the free period is up or skip it and just order from Grove as needed. They are a great company with an awesome variety of products – from cleaning to baby.

If you have already joined Grove, the offer for existing customers is 25% off their beautiful stoneware tray

Remember when I said my kitchen will eventually be remodeled? This is the current state of my counters and backslash…

Old old olllllld yellow tiles that are chipping or literally falling off the walls. The grout is disgusting too. I do my best and deep clean as often as possible, but this is the reality of my kitchen. It was so awesome to see this new stoneware tray in my order this month because it makes me a little happier at the kitchen sink…

Geranium is one of my favorite scents. Next is Lavender…

And new customers of Grove will receive that entire 4-piece collection above plus 60 days to try free shipping and VIP for free! You can find out all the details about this offer plus more about Grove right here.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my organized overflow closet! And don’t forget the Grove offer is available to you now through Sunday night! Back soon with another fun client project!

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  1. Lauren Horwitz says:

    Hello! Thanks for the great article. I love the toilet paper basket but the links to it’s source do not work.
    Could you tell me where you got it? thanks, Lauren

  2. Marie says:

    I have been using Grove for almost a year and LOVE It!!!!! I am a VIP member and get really cool gifts, etc. from them – and great deals. Plus I have found new products that I love. We have tried to go as green as we can and their product selection is awesome!!!

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