The Ultimate Photography Bundle Flash Sale Tools are Here

Jul 10

I love the part of my business where I get to take all of the before / after photos to show you the projects I’ve been working on. As you’ve seen from the sheer volume of photos I snap (ahem – yesterday’s post), it’s kind of my favorite part of the job. And my favorite part of blogging. But taking those pictures isn’t just a quick snap and voila! I do have a few tricks up my sleeve that make things picture-perfect.

I’m a self-taught photographer, like many of us. When I purchased my DSLR a few years ago, I accepted the free class from the camera shop. But honestly, most of my training and excelling (or failing) has come from learning in the moment or from great photographers who share their amazing tips with us online. I receive SO many questions from blog readers and IG friends about how I’m taking photos. So that’s why I wanted to share an amazing photography bundle with you.

The Ultimate Photography Bundle is something I purchased a while ago and it quickly became one of my photography go-to’s. It helps you achieve amazing photos for your business or personal life.

And now if you missed it, you can grab your own during the flash sale today and tomorrow ONLY!

The Ultimate Photography Bundle Flash Sale Tools are Here

Are you wondering what you get when you put together 32 world-class photography instructors + 41 of their most essential and invaluable teaching resources? This baby is back by popular demand for its second and best year ever. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

The Ultimate Photography Bundle Flash Sale Tools are Here

This is the big thing: Expert photography instruction isn’t easy to come by, particularly when you’re on a budget. *raises hand* And I LOVE sharing money-saving items for you guys that I stand by 100%.

Getting behind the camera can already feel a bit daunting – the lenses, the software, the editing and everything else you need, but then to think about forking over big bucks on expensive courses and books? Forget about it. On the other hand… If you love photography as much as me, I know that you WANT to learn more about it. And here is where I can help!

FOR JUST TWO DAYS! I know, I know… nothing lasts forever, right?

But all the resources you’ve had your eye on (and then some) are coming together in one magical package, for the most affordable price ever! You’re in luck, because that is what is happening and I’m telling you, this bundle is AMAZING.

The Ultimate Photography Bundle includes 10 eCourses, 16 eBooks, 4 videos, and 11 practical tools (like editing presets and printable reference cards). These top-quality resources cover all the topics that matter to the serious photographer…or the casual bloggers / business owners like us – camera essentials, editing, family photography, inspiration & style, landscape, wedding photography, niche photography, and the business of photography. It covers everything!

Altogether, it’s worth $4100 but you pay just $97. I’m not kidding you when I tell you how impressive this bundle is!

Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • find perfect lighting every time
  • consistently pose and shoot pro-quality portraits (LOVE!)
  • capture stunning landscapes
  • edit and organize like the experts
  • build a thriving photography business
  • and finally start taking the photos you’ve always dreamed of.

Even better? You’re learning from the true experts. Jeremy Cowart, David Molnar, Katelyn James, Digital Photography School, Tamara Lackey, and many more. Those names don’t mean anything to you? No worries… Just know they are the best at what they do and they helped to put this together for us.

Why on earth would these big-name photographers put their very best products into a discounted package?

Because they’re all passionate about the same thing… coming together to equip, empower and educate a new generation of aspiring photographers and help them pursue their dreams.

Seriously, I am just honored to join such an elite group of photography teachers on this project, and to be able to share it with all of you!

Full disclosure – this is a big one….

I’m going to share a Simply Organized secret… Did you know that a majority of the pictures I take for my blog and social media are done with my… wait for it… iPhone?!?! That’s it! I don’t use my fancy DSLR for a majority of my photography needs. And one of the great products in this bundle is the following:

  • iPhone Photo Academy by Emil Pakarklis ($97.00) Featured eCourse

Did you see that? Just this ONE product is a $97 value, and that’s what the entire bundle is selling for. But, if you are a DSLR fanatic, no worries, because there is also a DSLR course, as well! Check out ALL of the included items now!

There’s just one catch… a deal this good can’t last forever. They all agreed the bundle would be available for a short 2-day flash sale, and then it will disappear. Which is why you should absolutely learn more and check out everything that’s included, but there’s just one thing you really can’t do and that’s wait. I’d hate for you to miss out on this!

If you’re ready to get your own Ultimate Photography Bundle, go here right now and grab it.

If you’d like to learn more about the specific resources it includes (I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!) then by all means, go here and check it out in detail.

Don’t forget — the bundle will only last until Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. EST. And if you’re still on the fence, there’s really no risk in getting it anyways because they’ve got a full 30-day happiness guarantee.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, there are bonuses! *

  • $25 gift certificate to Artsy Couture ($25 value)
  • 1 year digital subscription to Click Magazine ($36 value)
  • $15 gift certificate to Loktah ($15 value)
  • 6 months free of Pixpa’s starter plan ($60 value)
  • $20 gift certificate off all Porteen Gear brand products ($20 value)
  • $20 off the Portrait Package PLUS FREE Black Snoot and an 8″ Bounce Card Set from Spinlight 360 ($60)
  • 1 year of StickyAlbums with a limit of up to 10 StickyAlbums* ($120 value)

*new customers only

I can’t wait to hear about how your photography has been transformed to the next level after you spend a little time digging around in The Ultimate Photography Bundle. Have fun!

The Ultimate Photography Bundle Flash Sale Tools are Here

*affiliate link is used for your convenience and you pay nothing more by clicking! promise!





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