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Apr 14

Oh, hey!

Yes, your girl is still alive – and here’s proof!…

SO Home Professional Organizer Samantha Pregenzer Alicia Cervenka

Photo credit: Alicia Cervenka


You guys know I am not one to be in front of the camera. Put me in a closet, garage or behind the camera any day. A few weeks ago I completed a project in partnership with The Laundress and it required in some of the photos. Yikes! (Can’t wait to share the details this coming week!) Alicia, who is also a dear friend, comes to my rescue when I need to be photographed. Me or my children, in fact. Seriously, when I say rescue, I mean that. There are times I’ve texted her a couple days before photos are needed and she’s here. She is super talented and am always blown away when she’s able to capture my children as they are.

This Spring we took them to a mustard field for photos. I stood off in the distance watching, letting her direct them. I didn’t see how one of those shots would have been great. They were totally goofing off or not smiling or not paying attention. Yet the photos were her best yet and I swear, my children not only look beautiful – you can feel their personalities in each shot. She is incredible!

Anyway, while she was here shooting the project with me, she managed to snap that candid – sneaky girl!

So yes, this is Sam. I am still a blogger. Have dreams about clicking “publish” a few times per week. Have not abandoned you or given up writing. Promise. I’ve just been completely overwhelmed with organization projects, new partnerships, and a whole lot of other things.

SO Home Professional Organizer Samantha Pregenzer The Laundress

Photo for an upcoming project with The Laundress


It’s called growing pains.

A good problem to have. No complaints…well, other than not having enough time to blog and chat with you guys! And not much time to sleep. Ha!


In the little free time I have, I’m slowly chipping away at the new website. Current situation: My branding strategist is helping me nail down the copy – thank God for branding gurus like her. My brain is tired of thinking and designing – she has been a total lifesaver. If you recall, she helped me through the process of choosing the new business name and we ironed out the “who we are, what we do” verbiage for the business. But getting that succinct and tight onto the website – clean, short yet informative and still fun to read = my brain does not compute. Thankful to have her on board!

Once I have a few other details hammered out over there, I’ll begin sharing client projects on that blog. I am going to keep the blog pretty clean and tight, while sharing a bit more details over here. I’d like that site to stay focused as more of a portfolio and not a place to gather / chat. We’ll see how it unfolds, but that’s the general plan for now.

In the meantime, I wanted to pop in to let you know how much I miss you guys! And to share some recent projects I’ve completed.


Can not even begin to express how incredibly grateful I am for this booming organization business. SO | Home is still 100% word of mouth referral and I am completely in love with each and every family who hires me. I can’t even believe this dream is not only coming true, but I’ve been slowly chipping away at other goals I’ve been dreaming about.

I’ll be back to talk more about this specific topic, but at the end of 2017 I made it a point to focus on 2018 goals. One of the two biggies was doing really good, solid client work. That’s all I want to do this year. From Jan 1 and forward, I have been heads down doing so much work (SO MUCH) and really making an impact. I’ve had some of the most in-depth, mind-blowing conversations with stressed out moms and couples. It’s been a total eye-opener as to how I can position this business to really make even more of an impact for stressed out families and homeowners. Just beyond beyond beyond grateful.

I know a lot of this success has come from digging in and rolling up my sleeves for years – it’s been a long process to get here. But I still count those blessings every day.

Ok, on to some fun sneak peeks! This is a small taste of what I’ve been up to. Just some inspiring photos / spaces with a little background and product sources, if you want to tackle your own spaces!


SO Home Professional Organizer Organized Pantry Danville CA Beautiful Organization

This sweet mom of 4 has a walk-in pantry that contains mostly decoration and entertaining items. It is otherwise a mix of many things, but very little food. I transformed the space using simple white and clear containment.

SO Home Professional Organizer Organized Pantry Danville California

( white handled bins | 3-drawer system | glass jars | labels | multi-purpose bins | clear drawers )


In the same home I organized her cabinet pantry, which is where her non-perishables are stored…

SO Home Professional Organizer Organized Pull Out Pantry Kitchen Organization Danville CA

( small clear organizer | medium clear organizer )


I love love organizing drawers – but especially making them ultra tight with no shifting around. Here’s a few to inspire you!…

SO Home Professional Organizer Organized Kitchen Silverware Drawer Lafayette CA

( drawer organizers )

SO Home Professional Organizer Organized Kids Snack Drawer Danville CA

( deep drawer organizers )

SO Home Professional Organizer Organized Snack Drawer Kitchen Organization Lafayette CA

( expandable dividers )


I’ve been working in beautiful brand new kitchens – always a treat. But there was one space I worked in for a senior and her kitchen wasn’t new. She had recently been through back surgery and was having a tough time reaching the back of the lower cabinets in her senior living apartment. These pull-outs solved it all!…

SO Home Professional Organizer Organized Kitchen Cabinet Pull Outs Walnut Creek CA

( mesh pull-out drawers )

And these great deep dividers help to keep baking sheets organized and upright…

SO Home Professional Organizer Kitchen Cabinet with Divider

( baking sheet dividers )


I’ve been designing closets for days – to the tune of eyes crossed. Still loving every minute. Here’s a recent beauty using Elfa’s new wood front drawers!…

( elfa wood drawer fronts )


SO Home Professional Organizer Organized Kids Closet Danville CA

( drawer systems | drawer labels )

This adorable mom of 3 was struggling with what to do about half of her daughter’s closet. They aren’t in the budget to demo and renovate the closet, so I suggested the Elfa drawer systems to organize all of her little things…while keeping half the closet for hanging space. She was only using half the closet anyway for the hanging stuff. 🙂


Yep, I said that. Give me every last garage. They are one of my very favorite spaces to work in. So much so that I have 2 more on the books this coming week. No bigger transformation…no bigger smile when the homeowners are able to pull their car in and find everything in a snap!

In this garage I tweaked a few of their current cabinets to create a make-shift mudroom for shoes and bags…

SO Home Professional Organizer Organized Garage Shoe Mudroom Lafayette CA

This garage is a huge transformation with 3 new walls of shelving. Can’t wait to share more about this space!…

SO Home Professional Organizer Organized Garage Hardware Danville CA

( wall shelving | bins | utility track | shovel organizer | ladder holder )

Look forward to sharing more details behind these spaces…plus many more. This coming week I’ll be here to talk about my partnership with The Laundress. Excited to come back!

Happy organizing, everyone!

*this post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. you don’t pay more for anything by clicking on any of the links on my website. thank you for supporting this blog so that I can continue to bring you inspiring content!





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  1. Kallie says:

    Yay! Loved reading your post. I’m super excited to see more garage transformations as we are gearing up for a big garage re-do using elfa (with a little pegboard for yard tools thrown in for good measure – at least that is my vision at this point!) in the very near future! Wish you were closer to come help us, but since you are not, I do have another local NAPO gal I’m ready to call out for some help creating zones. I was debating using an organizer through TCS, but am thinking maybe my NAPO gal might be my better bet so as not to be so tied toTCS products if I don’t want to be . . . So glad to see you back!

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