How To Clean & Organize Your Fridge

Apr 16

Over the years we’ve chatted about fridge and freezer organization as well as a variety of organized meal-planning / food-related topics. I’ve shared how to simply organize a deep freezer drawer

How to organize a top freezer

Have shared images of my own organized fridge…

We’ve talked about meal planning and how to get started

And I’ve even shared a video tour of my organized fridge and freezer

But we’ve yet to talk about how I clean my fridge. Not only how I clean it, but how my process makes maintaining a clean fridge easy with minimal effort.

There are countless products for cleaning a fridge and if you search pinterest, you’ll discover endless methods – from baking soda to water to vinegars to essential oils and sprays. Honestly, I don’t think there’s a wrong way to clean a fridge. Well, I take that back – the wrong way is not cleaning it at all. I get it, emptying and cleaning a fridge is not a fun task. BUT giving it a thorough cleaning and then wiping it down once a week between grocery runs is the easiest way to maintain this frequently accessed space.

And personally, sometimes all I need to motivate is a cleaning product that smells good.

For example, my favorite products for doing laundry are from The Laundress. If you haven’t smelled their signature scent laundry detergent, you are missing everything. No joke. BUT to make doing laundry even more enjoyable, they have a detergent scented with Le Labo Santal 33 that I covet in ways I can’t even describe. It’s sickening to be honest. It’s one of those scents that causes me to stand alone with the open bottle, eyes closed, sniffing in completely, letting out little sighs as I exhale…it’s getting awkward in here.

Seriously though, Santal 33 is one of my favorite scents. So when I discovered The Laundress had a detergent scented with Santal 33 = dead.

Anyway, if you’re not familiar with The Laundress, definitely check out their laundry products. They have a range of detergents for whites, darks, jeans, silks, wools, and more. The product is effective and maintains the quality of your clothing. And they smell absolutely amazing!

What I was not aware of is that they also offer home cleaning products. All of which smell equally incredible! I first spotted the cleaning products in The Container Store. I’m in store every week and saw the displays. But for as many times as I walked past this section, I had yet to try their home cleaning line.

Through Instagram, I became friends with the owners of The Laundress. Gwen and Lindsey are the sweetest – you can read more about them and how the company got started here. Last month they contacted me because they fell in love my with Sunday fridge images on Instagram. They asked if I’d be interested in sharing with their readers how I clean & organize my fridge. Yes, count me in! Couple days later, their home cleaning products arrived at my house…it was Christmas in March…

SO Home Professional Organizer Samantha Pregenzer The Laundress

Am I really shallow enough to use these products to clean my fridge and kitchen because of the scent? Possibly. (read = yes!) But the fact is, these are environmentally friendly and effective with getting my fridge and kitchen totally clean.

My 3 favorite products to use are their surface cleaner, scented vinegar and all-purpose cleaning concentrate…

Smells amazing – and pretty enough to leave out on your counter too!…

On their blog I shared how I clean and organize my fridge, but also how I plan for my organized fridge each week. It’s all about planning and being prepared in advance…

Don’t miss that blog post, which can be found here.

It was so sweet of them to partner with Simply Organized for this blog post. A total pleasure to work with 2 fellow female entrepreneurs with a passion for making life easier and solving tough cleaning / home organizing dilemmas. We really were a match meant to be.

Again, don’t miss the blog post on their Clean Talk Blog!

Happy Fridge Cleaning, everyone!

*this post was not paid for or sponsored by The Laundress. it’s just 2 great companies partnering to share amazing products and tips for how to clean that fridge!





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  1. ellenr886 says:

    I use those little plastic handled bins in mine too and it makes a world of a difference!

  2. Carol Lom says:

    I have been trying to find the slanted freezer bins you use in your Samsung bottom freezer and can’t find them any were. Could you send me information on where to purchase and what size they are. I have just purchased an LG 24 cu. ft. which is basically the same as the Samsung. A brand name and item number would really be helpful. We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen and I’m really excited to get things organized.
    THANK YOU for whatever input you are willing to share,

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