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May 29

When I moved back to the Bay Area nearly FIVE years ago (whoa!), one of my biggest worries was if I would find an awesome hairdresser. Shallow? Maybe. But come on…Ladies, we all know this is a serious situation. We need an excellent hairdresser. Someone who makes us feel beautiful and listens to our ridiculous venting. Someone who cheers us up when we are low and celebrates with us when life is at an all time high. Hairdressers become family members. It’s an intimate business. Much like that of being a professional organizer.

After moving back home to my native SF, I asked a neighbor if she had a good referral and, in fact, she did. Boy, she did! Who knew this woman would not only become a friend…but an eventual client of mine as well. Moreso, she is truly an inspiration to me as a mother, wife and business owner. She is a sweetheart and so grateful to have her in my life.

A few years ago, she hired me to organize her salon office

Then she hired me a few times to organize in her home. Her pantry was super fun to organize…

And who can forget their homework / craft room

She has an impeccable eye for style and design, so when she reached out for help with her NEW salon office (yes, she is moving on up!), I couldn’t wait to partner again. She chose the design – I came in to pull together the organization. Match made in heaven!

Take a look at her new space!…

( stool | chair | wallpaper | stapler | tape dispenser | space bar | filing cabinet | printer )


I can’t even handle this beauty! The wallpaper!!! If I had to work anywhere besides my own home office, it would be right here!

She needed help because this space is much smaller than her previous office. And she has a lot of paper to stay on top of as a salon owner. From the stylists info to monthly cc receipts to product purchases, we had to find a space for everything…and within the small confines of this office.

My favorite way to contain thick stacks of paper is with hanging box files. These keep the papers from overflowing and being pinched out of the top of a standard hanging file. She has to keep monthly cc receipts for 1 year. This is a great way to contain them…


( hanging files )

She also needed help at the front desk. The stylists hand out samples of the best products to their clients. To contain these gems and make it easy for the stylists to grab in a hurry, I turned to my favorite stacking acrylic drawers. But first I had to get to work sorting all of them. Which was no issue for me. In heaven right here…

( via Elizabeth Vawter on Instagram )

( acrylic drawers )

These stacking drawers are a temporary fix until the cabinet maker installs real drawers. But these work like a charm! They come in a variety of sizes and love how neatly they stack.

I also added a few to the cabinet behind the front desk for overflow office supplies…

I know, that herringbone wall! Is it getting hot in here? Like I said, my girl has an eye for design. This new salon is truly beautiful!!!

It was too much fun working with Elizabeth in her new salon. We have a few more projects to finish out – can’t wait to share! If you are local to the Walnut Creek area, you must check out the salon…you may even discover a hairdresser you love.

You can shop this post right here…


Wish you guys a great week ahead! Am hoping to share more of my recent projects (and even more) with you. Miss my blog and all of you very much!



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  1. robin says:

    please consider doing another “beauty” update on products that work for you!

  2. Barbara Ditler-Gelber says:

    I tried “Shop the Post” and all I got was Pinterest. Could not purchase.

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